Staying on Budget During the Summer

Money is at the forefront of everyone's mind. If not on yours, it should be. Your money pays federal income tax, state income tax, sales tax, property tax, hotel tax, and sin tax (for cigarettes, alcohol and such). After tax, your money pays the rent or mortgage, bills, and health insurance. Your money then buys food, clothes, invaluable technology, phones, computers, a vehicle, and vehicular insurance. If you have children, you pay for their needs too. After all of your needs have been satisfied, you can then begin to think of your wants, which include boats, RVs, and video games. Even the rich think deeply about their money and what depletes it. Everyone should be mindful that conserving money is just as important as compounding it. From this article, please grab tips for your summer budget.

Research & Buy Online

Some items that are better to buy during the summer are laptops, desktops, digital cameras, summer wear, air conditioners, humidifiers, and indoor furniture. Researching items online conserve time and gas. Before driving to a store, call ahead to see if the item you desire is in stock at that location. Furthermore, ordering online is as simple, or simpler than buying in-store. It is simple because you contemplate in silence: why buy this item? The quietude levels stress and improves brain function, improving your analytical skills. Again, in a store, a worker is convincing you of the merits of a toxic product. This speech morphs the reality of an impotent product into the fantasy of an efficacious one. And it pollutes the air with noise, which inhibits brain function. Another benefit of online buying is the ability to compare prices instantly.  Also, some websites help you compare distinct versions of that product; for example, Amazon and eBay. Lastly, some sites offer rewards for shopping online. All of these benefits help your budget.


Summer seems to be a period in which people do not let due dates worry them. As a result, valuable time is wasted being unproductive. Your binges may last days, leading to excessive amounts of money being spent on unhealthy foods, thus wasting money. The carefree tone that is common during the summer may result in extended stays as summer events, like concerts or festivals, resulting in excessive spending. Lastly, you may find that you do useless tasks, wasting time and money. All in all, a schedule, even for fun activities, is essential. Estimate the amount of time and money you want to contribute to any activity, doing so will help reduce the likelihood of overspending.


Although planning is scheduling, here they differ. Planning here means conceptualizing the goals for summer, while scheduling is doling out times to events to reach set goals. Is your summer goal to prepare yourself for college? Live on your own? Work and enjoy life? Regardless of what your goal may be, structure a plan for the completion of the goals. Ensure that this plan is pure: actions that are not helping you complete the goals should not be incorporated as a part of the activities. Planning accordingly will allow for the best use of resources and less wasted money.

Suppress Impulse

Summer is for relaxation and being impulsive. That being said, impulse should not control your spending. While an impulse buy can be refreshing at times, it should be the exception and not the rule. To control impulses, firstly, sleep well. Also, eat to stop eating: eat healthy food so that sugary food does not entice you. The science of eating to stop eating is that trying to control yourself; you spend glucose. And with low blood sugar levels, you are susceptive to less impulse control. Next, exercise. Exercising for 10 minutes releases an impulse-controlling neurotransmitter, GABA. Finally, when an impulse comes, wait for 10 minutes. Usually, within that time the desire wanes and dies. With your impulse reigned in, you can refocus and follow your budget.The summer budget is much like most budgets, except that summer lends to carefree living. Do yourself a favor while enjoying your summer this year, research, schedule, plan and while it is ok to give into the occasional impulse, don't make it the rule.