Spooky Halloween Cocktails

Spooky Halloween Cocktails

It’s not a Halloween party without your favorite spooky cocktail in hand. Why settle for your average mulled wine? Spice it up with these seasonal cocktails and invite your friends. Roll up your witch sleeves; it’s time to get mixing. Double, double, toil and trouble…

Black Magic Shimmering Cocktail


Ace your potions class with this shimmering black magic concoction. With a little hocus-pocus, your cocktail will glitter like the galaxy. Whether the theme of your party is Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or even Star Wars, with the right measurements there's sure to be magic in the air. Don’t forget the vodka. You’ll have an empty glass faster than you could say “swish and flick.”Recipe here

Embalming Fluid Cocktail


Get your ghoul on with this embalming-fluid cocktail. It’s hauntingly delicious with hints of lime, sour apple, and mandarins. All you have to do is mix the ingredients, shake it up, and serve. This is the perfect light drink for a Halloween get-to-together with your chums. Set the table for a feast and make a toast. Long live the undead.Recipe here

Candy Corn Moonshine


This one for the sweet tooth. Slurp up some candy corn moonshine. The syrupy juice is sure to send tingles down your spine. Pass around at a haunted barn dance or around the bonfire while listening to scary stories. Bonus: this drink only has two ingredients. Bottle it up and keep the whipped cream within arm’s reach. Hello, sugar rush.Recipe here

Smoking Blackberry Sage Margarita


Impress your guests with this classy blackberry sage margarita. Add the dry ice and you’ve got yourself a smoking-good marg. Not to mention, the gentle notes of sage with the bursting flavor of blackberry is a match made in heaven…or, I guess, in the other place...Recipe here

Vampire Cocktail


Get bitten with this spooky vampire cocktail. This ones for the fun ones at your party. Gore it up with raspberry blood that’s sure to make your skin sparkle. Ixnay on the garlic. Curl up in front of Twilight or binge-watch episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This drink sucks but in a good way—get it, sucks??Recipe here

Goblet of Fire Cocktail


Pyromaniac much? Set fire to this Goblet of Fire cocktail. Sweetened with liqueur and spiced up with cinnamon, this Harry-Potter-themed drink is Hot with a capital H. The fire will give it a nice, toasted taste. Side note: be sure to blow out the fire before drinking. And when you light it up, keep it away from the guy who’s, well, had one too many...Recipe here

Halloween Monster Guts Punch


Not into alcohol? This drink is spooky-good without the booze. Only three ingredients as well! Add a scoop of sherbet, and you’ll be bubbling over with delight. It’s sweet, fizzy, and kid-friendly. Treat your gut to a garnish of gummi worms or gummi eyeballs. Share this concoction at your church's Octoberfest, at your kids' costume party, or with your teetotal friends. Let's take things easy tonight.Recipe here

Glow-in-the-Dark Infected Brain Cocktail


Turn on the black light with this glow-in-the-dark infected brain cocktail. It's perfect for a spooky Halloween party or just a fun movie night. Young Frankenstein, anyone? With fleshy-pink brain ice cubes and a lemony fizz, this eerie drink is light, fresh, and totally Abby Normal. Pass it around to your fellow mad scientists and feel it fizzle on your tongue.Recipe here

Witch’s Brew


Jello and carbonated soda? #Relationshipgoals. Lap up this witch’s brew cocktail, and you’ll start feeling wicked. Who knows? You might even defy gravity. Choose your color and cork it in a scientist’s flask. Bonus: the bubbles swirling in the soda makes the drink look alive!Recipe here

Bloody Brain Shooter


The goriest drink on offer! The bloody brain shooter is a sweet cocktail of Bailey’s Irish Cream and strawberry vodka. Sip some splattered brains and put on your favorite horror movie. Maybe you should sleep with your lights on tonight. Bottoms up!Recipe hereGet creative with your cocktails. Coat the rims with Pop Rocks or drift a plastic spider across the surface. Splash in food coloring to get that toxic-bright hue. Whatever you do, turn your Halloween party up a notch and have some freaky fun. Scare factor high!SaveSave

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