Why It's Sometimes Okay to Give Up On Your Dreams

I still remember the voice of my father advising me to work hard, to stay focused on my path and never give up on my dreams, even when nobody else believes they could come true. Our society drilled into our heads that we must have dreams, work hard to achieve them, and not let them go. Especially that we are living in a civilization that offers teachers, mentors, and leaders telling us that if we work hard enough, we can have whatever we would like.

Your Passions & Goals

In general, people stick to common goals, such as passion for some skill at a young age, passion for the socially endorsed job and then hold that passion as a future dream. The amount of dedication throughout the years might shadow an interest in a real and different aspect of life. The only thing attaching people to these passions is the sheer number of years they put into holding these dreams, and the fear of others' perceptions of them propels them away from wanting to give up a dream. We all have experienced moments where we were forced to make serious evaluations about our lives. Whether it is a new job, beginning new a relationship, or looking for new digs, it will require giving up dreams. Here are when it is okay to give up your dreams:

The Process is Overwhelming

When going after your dreams would drag you down or turn you into a different person it might be the time to re-evaluate the end. The ends will resemble the means, and if the means are harder than you thought, it is the time to give up that dream.

The Reason of Holding the Dreams is People Perception of You

Some people hold onto a dream because of the impact on their reputation or pride if they let it go. Do not bind yourself to people expectations on you, because you are jailing yourself with simultaneously terrifying boundaries that will limit your dreams into someone else satisfaction.

The Dream Obtained At a Young Age & Start Defining Your Character

Any change takes time, adjustment, and courage. If you are holding on to your dreams because you are, worried that the dream is defining you and you are not sure whom you’ll be if you’ll let it go, you’re in the worst case scenario. It is better to be walking down an endless path than walking down a road that leads to where you do not want to go.

The Fear of Not Achieving Your Dreams is Making You An Ordinary Person

Some people are happy with other things in their life and happier than achieving dreams, but they do not want the other things because they are too simple or average. It is okay to give up on a dream when you are interested in its highlight reel than its reality. It is okay to choose something mundane, something average, something entirely unglamorous that you know would make you happy, for the dream you thought you wanted so badly. Giving up a dream is not weakness; it is awareness and a sign of maturity.

The Dream Is a Want, Not a Need

It is okay to give up on a dream when the idea of achieving the dream shadows your genuine desire to do it. You do not have to sacrifice your entire life for something you need or wish to be but strive for what you need and strive to live by the glamorous ideal. You are who you are; shine the brightest when you are pursuing what you need and be the 5-star version of who you are.

The Dream Has No Meanings

It is hard to cut the dead losses from our lives even if we know that we are barreling towards an impasse. We just do not want to admit that we are headed nowhere and that we have struggled this long for nothing. We should assign meaning to everything we do and justify the rides. Nothing worse than being unhappy for a one year more than being unhappy for a year and a one-month. Sometimes we need to cut the ties we ought to cut to reach new heights, and if the dream you hold is one of those ties, you should stop letting that dead weight hold you down.