Why You Shouldn't Let One Bad Mom Moment Define You

As a mother, whether we are new moms or seasoned moms, we are bound to make mistakes. In life, we make mistakes in anything that we may try to do before we are successful as no one is perfect. Remembering that no one is perfect is why you should not let one bad mom moment define you.

Being a Good Mom Means That You Care

First and foremost, having one bad mom moment does not mean that you do not care for your child or children. In fact, being a good mom means that you care and you put forth effort towards being there for your kids. Perhaps you have to work full-time and put your baby in daycare. This does not mean that you do not care but simply that you have to work to pay the bills for your family. Although your baby will always come first in your mind and heart, sometimes other priorities must occur first such as paying bills, buying groceries for the little ones, or working at your job. But when you have time, you give your child or children the time that is needed.

As Humans, We Will Always Fall Short

No matter what we may try to do, we will always make mistakes and fall short of our expectations. Despite our best efforts, we will never be perfect; therefore, it is pointless to try to achieve perfection. Even our best intentions can sometimes come across the wrong way to others. When you are offering friendly advice to your child, he or she may think you are telling him or her what to do. As long as you try to use your best intentions, things will work out.

Feel Your Emotions, Then Move On

In life, there can be setbacks, frustrations, and catastrophes that may occur. As a mom, perhaps you forgot something important or even overlooked a promise to your child. Even worse, perhaps your child was let down by someone else, which is outside of your control. Regardless of what is occurring, it is perfectly acceptable to cry or be sad. When I was dropping off my son at daycare for the first few times, I was quite emotional myself. However, I still had to work and run errands. Therefore, I had to cry it out and pick myself right back up. There is nothing wrong with this. In fact, it makes us mothers human beings.

Use Your Experience to Make You Stronger

When bad mom moments might upset you, use them to make you stronger. Remember and appreciate the wonderful times with your child or children. Do what you can to make them smile and laugh. If you are a single mom like myself, this is indeed a unique challenge. However, your child is a gift from God. There are some days when I am not sure if I will make it through, but I would not trade it for anything in the world. Being a mom is priceless despite the bad mom moments. Realize that you will get through them, and look forward to the good mom moments. In life, there will be ups and downs, but if your children know you love them and will be there for them, everything will be okay.