Why You Shouldn't Get An Advanced Degree

The advent of "real world" is widely accepted as the period succeeding the completion of college. The gateway to prosperity. Not so fast! In a fluctuating economic climate, obtaining a decent job can seem laborious and frustrating. At this juncture, you may consider proceeding towards attaining an advanced degree. Sure, the benefits of having a graduate degree seem straight forward. Accordingly, sharpening your intellectual abilities while paving the way for a more financially secure future. But is an advanced degree the right route for you? Here are some reasons why it might not be.

Not Every Subject Needs An Advanced Degree

Not all major disciplines require an advanced degree from a professional standpoint. For instance, web design and development is something you can learn quite adequately within a college curriculum. Unless you have aspirations of becoming a professor, a Graduate degree is not essential. There are many other fields for which this sentiment applies. Where, after acquiring the proper foundation via college courses you can develop your skills on the job. An avalanche of information is now available via technology to assist your learning endeavors. Academic Journals with restricted access can usually be retrieved in most public libraries if desired.

Not Easy

Undertaking an advanced degree is not an easy task. It requires dedication and commitment. Graduate level syllabi and academic requirements are quite rigorous. Therefore, when deciding on whether or not graduate school is a viable choice, it is advantageous to consider the discipline and effort that would be expended.

Entrepreneurs Are Wasting Time

Persons with entrepreneurial aspirations would be wasting their resources in graduate school. Here I am excluding those who achieve patents in scientific technology after years of meticulous laboratory trials and experiments. For those who are business oriented with the goal to scale their product or service, graduate school hardly adds any value. Such individuals have to be doing a lot of groundwork creating opportunities and building an enterprise. Sometimes for the truly inspired ones, even four years of college is a waste of time. Two such glimmering examples are Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.

It Costs A Lot Of Money

Advanced degrees don't come for free. As a matter of fact, it is attached with a hefty price tag. Although most scientific disciplines offer advanced degrees with stipends, the selection process is rather competitive. It also requires additional constraints like teaching etc. So embarking on a graduate program would add to the already steep debt incurred through college. Consequently, there is more at stake to nonchalantly meander into a graduate program to evade facing the rigid and unforgiving job market.