Should You Eat Breakfast?

Are you always in a hurry in the morning and never really have enough time to eat breakfast? For many years, we have been told that breakfast is the most important meal and we should never skip it. Through recent research, there is information that questions whether eating breakfast is essential to your diet.

Skipping Breakfast Can Be Beneficial

According to Dr. Oz, skipping breakfast is not harmful, but beneficial to your diet. Initially, dieticians and doctors have said that not eating breakfast in the morning slows the metabolism down, and causes the body to gain weight instead of losing it. New studies say that the longer you go between eating dinner and lunch the more weight you’ll lose. Skipping breakfast causes your body to use energy from other foods. This causes your body to burn your own fat, and that causes weight loss. Eating dinner early, fasting, and waiting until lunch time to eat causes fat to be released in the urine.

Wait Until You're Hungry

In the morning, it’s better not to eat right away, and wait until you’re hungry. Don’t just eat because it’s breakfast time and you don’t want to skip a meal. However, when you skip breakfast, you may feel like you have less energy. On the Dr.Oz show, there were two contestants one that always skipped breakfast and one that never skipped breakfast. After each of them had gone a few days without breakfast, it didn’t affect their energy or harm their health. The contestant that always ate breakfast stated that they would never go back to eating it.

Dr.Oz also suggested working out before eating breakfast when the cortisol is high, and the fat is being pulled and used. The body burns more fat when exercising on an empty stomach because it burns the fat that has already stored. The fact of the matter is, not eating breakfast is not damaging to your body, and in fact, it is helpful.