Should You Choose to Have a Family Over a Career in Your 20s?

The hard question everyone faces in life is who he is and whom he wants to be. The framework that shape this methodology is answering the question truthfully without lying to ourselves to uncover our hidden power and learn something about ourselves in the process of making a hard choice. “Who we are, or whom we want to be, rests in how we assess certain values such as beauty, kindness, justice, family, education, and success,” said philosopher Ruth Chang the professor of philosophy at Rutgers University.Big decisions are difficult but more defining at the early 20s, with no clues or chances to peek into the future to uncover the hidden. PWC center surveyed 1400 early 20s UK female revealed that 62% of sample study rank opportunity for career progression as more important than starting a family and 38% of the sample study preferred to postpone motherhood to build a career. Is it possible to have it all? Living in this millennium is a fortune as everyone can choose freely to achieve many things, but it is not necessarily to be at the same time.

Why the Twenties Matter

The 20s are the defining decade of adulthood because most of life defining moments take place before age 35. Many facts are supporting this claim such as 65% of careers wage growth happens during the first ten years of a career, the female fertility peaks at the age of 28 and start decreasing at the age of 32, and 65% of Americans are living with a partner at the age of 30.

Uncertainty is Distraction

Residing in an unprecedented amount of uncertainty while thinking about what to do in life, where to live, or what be in 10 years will cause a distraction and anxiety if someone decided to have all at once. Decide and access your values as for having a family or career and move on. If a person has to choose between pursuing a career and starting a family rather than doing both at the same time, the person will most likely put off having kids.

The 20s Is Not For Thinking

Sheldon Kopp, the American psychologist, said, "The unlived life is not worth examining,” Do not waste the 20s thinking about what to do in 30s because of the difference between having a life in 30s and starting a life in 30s. The 20s are the chance to be intentional not a dreamer, try working in something you like, try dating someone different from the previous disastrous one but do not waste the 20s with philosophies, and substances.

Set a Timeline

The way to succeed in the future is by setting a timeline. At what age to get the first academic degree, when to marry, how old to be when having the first and the last child, do I want to accomplish specific goals, do I want to be financially and emotionally stable, or any combination of these factors. Do not run out of time because, in the 30s, the choices become more limited to start planning, and then blaming yourself while saying what were you doing or thinking.Choose what makes you happy, be grateful for what you have, and do not pine for something that you do not miss.