Should The Date of Halloween Be Changed?

When you think of Halloween, what are the first few things that come to mind? Probably pumpkins, and costumes, candy, and ghosts. There are many things that a person can associate with Halloween. However, what about the date of Halloween? If someone was to ask you what the date of Halloween is, I'm sure that you would very quickly respond with October 31st. And you wouldn’t be wrong. 

As long as I can remember, Halloween has always been on the 31stof October. If you were to ask your parents, they would tell you the same. However, 2018 might just have been the last year for that. A petition to the President was started in 2018 by the Halloween & Costumes Association. The original goal of this petition was to change the day of Halloween from its original date of October 31st to the last Saturday in October.

The Petition

The petition gained a lot of attention. With plenty of feedback from the country. Some positive and some negative. The petition is still active today, but a little bit has changed. Instead of changing the date of Halloween, The Halloween & Costume Association is looking to add an extra day to the spooky season, making the last Saturday in October National Trick or Treat Day.

They are calling it the #ALLoween campaign. Where they will keep the long-time traditions of Halloween on the 31st, but then have trick or treating on the last Saturday of October. In doing so, kids that are still in school won't be staying up too late on a school night. And the parents that are usually working during the week will have an easier time taking their kids out to enjoy in the Halloween festivities. The petition is almost at 145,000 signatures, with the goal being 150,000.

President Donald Trump is listed as the decision-maker for this petition. And not much has been said on what he thinks of it so far. Halloween isn't a federal holiday, and if Trump wanted to change the date, he would have to ask congress to make Halloween a government-regulated holiday. There have only been six federal holidays created since 1888. However, who knows, anything is possible.

What are your thoughts about the situation? Lots of people are weighing in and saying that this is just a way for the big Halloween stores to make additional money off of Halloween. Which could be very possible, or perhaps they could want to make things easier for kids and parents. Do you think that Halloween should be left alone? Or do you think that the last Saturday in October should be National Trick or Treat Day?  

Messing with a long-time tradition doesn’t seem like the greatest of ideas, but an extra day to celebrate with your friends and family doesn't sound too bad at all. If you are interested in signing the petition created by The Halloween Costume Association, you can do so here at