Should Black People Get Reparations for Slavery?

Everyone knows that Africans were enslaved for hundreds of years, but should black people get reparations? While it’s true, no one has a time machine that can change what happened; some believe reparations can improve things. The Black community has improved over the years, yet racism has continued to happen. A lot of other people from other ethnicities don’t believe they are responsible for slavery, even though they are benefiting from slavery and all of the other cruel things their ancestors have done. As a result, the Black community doesn't have the same access to opportunities, income, social status, treatment, and overall respect they deserve. If the United States would give Black Americans reparations that could help them reach their goals.

What Are Reparations?

Reparations are the compensation in the form of money that anyone of African descent believes they deserve due to the slavery of their ancestors. For years anyone of African descent whether they’re from the US or the UK has fought for reparations. Reparations don’t have to come in the form of money; it can be land, opportunity, and so much more. However, being financially stable is the main reparations that the African and Black community believe they deserve because of slavery. Even though nothing can take away the cruelty that Africans faced reparations is a great start.

Why Do Black Americans Deserve Them?

The biggest debate surrounding reparations is whether or not Black Americans truly deserve it. Unless you’re oblivious to how Africans were treated during slavery, then you should know that’s the reason. Not only were Africans enslaved for no apparent reason, but they also endured so much cruelty. They were beaten, tortured, and killed just for the color of their skin. That alone should qualify for any type of reparations, as well as the Black community continuing to deal with so much racism even after slavery was over. They had to fight for their right to vote and be valued as more than three-fifths of a person. No matter how far the Black community has come, they can never truly be treated equal and continue to face racism. Other people from cultures all over the world have benefited from the slavery of Africans and deserve to give them reparations.

Why Were Africans Enslaved in The First Place?

The main reason why many believe Africans were enslaved was that the Caucasian thought they were savage people. In the 17th century, European settlers in North America turned to African slaves as a cheaper labor source. They were taken from their homes in Africa and brought to America to work on tobacco and cotton crops. As time went on, more Africans were brought out of their homes to America as slaves doing whatever their owners wanted. They weren’t allowed to read and write because they didn’t want them to know they were worthy people. Africans were represented throughout history as kings, queens, and pharaohs. Which is perhaps the main reason many Europeans enslaved them in the first place.

How Would The Black Community Benefit from Reparations?

The number one way the Black community would benefit from reparations would be opportunity. It would give them the opportunity to live the lifestyle they want. The Black community would have the money to buy their 40 acres and a mule as well as help build up their community. They would be able to give back and change the lives of other people all over the world.

Will The Government Ever Really Give Reparations Out?

Despite the Black community absolutely deserving reparations whether or not they’ll actually receive it remains to be unclear. Just like anything else in the Black community, reparations is something they will have to fight and protest to get. If the government had a leader that was more inclusive when it comes to the Black community, things could certainly change.