How to Save Money with These Easy Tips

Money may be tied with love in the most used words in songs. A trio of different songs says that money is a gas, it talks, and it is what I want. However, it doesn't seem to go very far for most of us. You don't need to have a lot of money or be a genius to be smart with money. All it takes is some planning, some willpower, and being willing to think outside the box. Here are some easy tips to save money that anyone can apply to their life.

Change Routine

I know this one works from personal experience. Anytime I have extra change, it goes right into the piggy bank on my dresser. Eventually, this leads to some extra spending money after several months, or it could even pay off a substantial bill. I would always buy a bottle of pop on my midnight shift, and it was $1.50. I would pay $2.50 to my band every night. This also didn't include shopping trips and my fiancee's additions. Doing this alone paid for a major portion of our vacation to Tennessee. In other words, hange isn't scary, change is good.

Survey Says!

I know this is additional work to gain money, but it's worth looking into for anyone with some spare time. Doing surveys online can get you extra money while doing something you do every day anyway. Look online at various websites such as Swagbucks, Survey Savvy, and iPoll are all credible sites that offer payment for your opinion. All the internet consists of is a bunch of people spewing their views, why not get paid for it?

Coupon Clippin'

I know, this is probably something that you only thought your cheap older relatives do. However, you will get several books of coupons in the mail just begging you to save money by clipping them out. The internet has also started a golden age of couponing, just check around and see if you can find your usual products. It may not pay for a yacht or a trip to Hawaii, but it can build up substantially over the course of a year. RetailMeNot is an excellent resource for coupons for online shopping.

Check Social Media

I wanted to end this article with a few cool things that are floating around social media. One savings method is taking out a dollar amount that matches the week of the year, from 1 to 52. You can modify the number to any set amount per week, but that method will save you approx. 1400 dollars in a year. There are a ton of these interesting savings ideas on Pinterest and Facebook. Check them out and see which one best fits your financial situation.