Sampling the Whole 30 Diet


The Whole 30 diet, as far as I understand it, is all about resetting your insides. By not eating anything inflammatory, gut bacteria get a chance to flourish. This is like a basic reset for the body. I had been getting a stomach ache and heartburn after almost every meal. My stomach felt like a mess. Years ago, a doctor said that I should try the Paleo diet, with the same principle idea in mind. I didn’t really give the experiment it’s fair trial back then. I screwed off pretty quick and went back to drinking beer and eating fast food. Now, I’m not so much older, but I’m pretty big time burnt out on the all-night party scene. I’m pretty burnt out on fast food, and I’m major burnt on feeling sick all the time.

Why It Was Time

I picked up the Whole 30 diet thanks to my partner, Caitlyn. I have a thick head about things, and I probably would have just continued to suffer and complain. The rules are pretty simple. You can’t eat any carbs, dairy, legumes, sugar, or alcohol. That leaves meat, fruit, veggies, and most nuts. Black coffee is cool. Peanuts are not cool. Dried fruit is cool. Agave is not cool. The rules are pretty clear down the line.

Faults & Such

I jumped on, and it’s been nearly four weeks now. I actually broke the diet once to get a drink with Caitlyn. Then, a week after that, I broke it again to have another drink. So, really, I’m supposed to start all over, so that I can have a fully cleared body at the end of 30 days. I’m not going to though. This is just some transparency. It’s hard to give up all the good stuff. Food and alcohol consumption is a great way to release tension. I’m not an athlete, and this is all just in the name of experimentation anyway.

The Worst

The worst part is the major loss of energy. I’ve been slumping around, unable to get work done, and unable to focus. Maybe, this is just my body. Other people might feel great right away. I think my body is reeling from the shock. My big sugar craving has to be fed through fruit, and there is no replacement for carbs.Or, maybe the worst part, is that I’m tired but unable to sleep. The most similar example I can think of what's happening to me would be reverse-cycling, like what happens to babies. I can’t sleep at night, and I can hardly wake up during the day. I’ve been watching 10 hours of TV a night.This is a big mess, really, but my stomach doesn’t hurt anymore. My head hurts, but not my stomach. The gut bacteria seem to be realigning to something close to normal.What you’re supposed to do after 30 days of clean eating is reintroduce dairy, carbs, etc. slowly. One day at a time. With careful consideration of how everything makes you feel, and with a new perspective on what food means for lifestyle.