All Saints: A Movie All Christians Need To See

All Saints is a Christian movie directed by Steve Gomer. It is based on the true story of All Saints Episcopal Church located in the small town of Smyrna, Tennessee. The movie follows the life of Michael Spurlock, played by John Corbett, who leaves his corporate job to follow his heart as a pastor. Spurlock receives his first assignment, which is to close down a failing church, All Saints, and sale its land. All Saints only has a handful of church members. However, some Karen refugees arrive in Smyrna as they escape the bloody war in their home country of Burma. The refugees are Christians and start attending All Saints Episcopal Church. One day, Michael receives a message from God and knows he must save the church.The Karen are excellent farmers and desperate for food and money. Michael realizes helping the Karen and saving the church are tied together. With the Karen as the farmers, Michael decides to develop a farm that can feed the Karen and also, keep the church open by providing a steady income. From pessimistic bishops to a flood that wipes out the crops, many obstacles and ordeals take place that gives the movie an exciting energy and keeps the audience guessing what will happen next. Will All Saints Episcopal Church survive? You will have to see the film to find out! However below, I have listed four significant lessons the film teaches.

Listen to God

Michael Spurlock believes he is coming Tennessee for a few months to close down a church. However, God sends him a sign, and he listens. Instead of closing the church, Michael tries to save the church, and, in the process, he changes the lives of the Karen and the original church members forever. He keeps his ears open and fully listens to God. Even when it seems like God is against him because of the many obstacles he faces, he holds on to his faith and continues to proceed with the job that is asked of him. We, too, need to remember to listen to God. We have to open our eyes, hearts and ears to the signs and messages God presents us. When we begin to listen, we will accomplish the plan set out for us by our Heavenly Father.

Accept Others

The Karen are of a different culture. Few can communicate in English and even fewer understand the cultural norms of the United States. For example, the Karen take off their shoes when entering a church to show respect. In the United States, taking off your hat is the normal way of showing respect in church. At first, the church community is hesitant to accept the Karen. They look, dress, speak and act differently. However in time, one truth becomes clear. They are all children of God. In the closing scene, the Americans and Karens are united as one church family. No matter the situation, remember to accept others because we are all created in the image of our merciful Lord.

You Will Fail

It becomes clear to the All Saints community that failure is inevitable. New failures seem to follow every success. From cynical church leader to floods, All Saints Episcopal Church knows too well what failure looks like. However, with each obstacle, something progressive happens. Whether it is creating friendships or coming together as a community, each disappointment and devastation also has some positive outcome. Dedication, devotion, and faith allow the All Saints community to keep moving forward even when it seems all has failed. Remember that you will fail, but each failure has a purpose. It strengthens you, guides you and transforms you. Without failure, there can be no true success.

Trust in God

God is our Heavenly Father. He knows our futures, our pasts and our truest hearts. Also, He gives us what we need, not what we want. The All Saints community put their trust in God. Better yet, they put their entire trust, hearts and souls in the hands of God. Despite the obstacles, God grants them exactly what they need. All Christians need to learn to trust in God. Trust in Him, and you will be granted happiness in this lifetime and in heaven.I recommend this riveting movie to all Christians. True stories always have a greater influence on the audience. Recollecting on the events in All Saints and knowing they actually happened creates an authentic nature to the film that allows the audience to grasp the message in a vaster extent. When you watch All Saints, you will be inspired to live as humbly, authentically and passionately as the All Saints community.