How Rihanna's Collaboration With Puma Has Transformed Athleisure

How Rihanna's Collaboration With Puma Has Transformed Athleisure

Whether it be dressing for Met Gala or a concert,[contact-form][contact-field label="Name" type="name" required="true" /][contact-field label="Email" type="email" required="true" /][contact-field label="Website" type="url" /][contact-field label="Message" type="textarea" /][/contact-form]has always revealed to her inner self through her undaunted styling. After launching her varied makeup collection as a collaboration with Puma, she gave us all an extreme adrenaline rush on the pink duned ramp of her show at NYFW. The primary colors throughout the show were neon shades that exhibit guts, grace, and individuality. As the biker stuntmen turned dazzling 360-degree tricks over the crowd, Riri raced the transformation of athleisure from sporty to glamorous. Here is the never seen before sports trends that this reckless popstar introduced to us in her athleisure collection.

Athletic Slip-on


When it comes to sport-related footwear, you often visualize images of outdoor shoes, sneakers, or sturdy boots. On the contrary, Rihanna prodigiously envisaged slippers as the new sportswear; slippers that most of us would pair up with a floral dress for a summer morning. She transformed these slip-on from lightweight to athletic with a strap around the ankle. The strap is probably intended for a strong grip and dislocation of the ankle while you work out. ‪Rihanna understands the buzz for the chase for unexpected footwear and hence daringly experiments.

Scuba onesies


Riri preaches to carry fashion wherever you go, whether it be walking on land, flying in the air or diving underwater. This scuba onesies designed by her are an explanatory practice of her thoughts. Such fashion and comfort are the first choices of any professional athlete. The fishnet sleeves, the mid parting zip, and the crumpled knee pads are a well-thought presentation of athleisure, equipping all needs of the sport.

Biker Suits


Leather suits for bikers have been a statement since the 80's. While experimenting with a wide set of pristine ideas, Riri retained the indelible, atavistic impressions of biker suits. Mandarin collars, knee pads, a fitted waist, and zips everything as it always was. For balancing the covered outfit they paired it up with Stiletto thong sandals which added a dauntless vibe.



Swimwear has been the life of your summer wardrobe, and Riri has already styled the best for you to wear when hitting the beach next time. The french cut swimsuits already had been basic on the beaches this summer now have velvet mattress roll bag as their partners. The addition of adjustable toggles unleashes the trailblazer within you as Riri would have.

Bicolour Eyewear


This season Riri has experimented with accessories beyond all limits whether it be inbuilt jacketed bags, thong sandals, neon-painted nails or sporty eyewear. The bicolour shades caught up all glam of the ramps of NYFW. Available in a mix of blue and black lenses and lenses lined by colored frames they bestow a new and unprecedented vision for athleisure.



Hoodies have been a statement for comfortable clothing, now after Riri designs them they have become a statement of style. Sheer hoodies that clung to the skin paired with white astronaut track pants and peekaboo lacing evoked a sense of boldness as Adwoa Aboah walked. The cropped hoodie would have been very ordinary if weren't smartly paired with the fishnet pants. The popstar exactly knows how to balance between trendy new and trendy old.

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