The Richest People in All History

There are many moneyless, many earning sufficient wages and many with wealth. But few in all written history have compounded a near insurmountable and immeasurable amount of riches. Despite your thoughts on excessive riches, from history's richest learn to succeed financially.

Alan Rufus

Alan Rufus, or Alan the Red, hailed from Brittany, in Northern France in the 11th century. Rufus was a Breton warrior and also became a companion of William the Conquerer, his uncle. The Norman Conquest of England, in which he fought, had a significant effect on his fortunes. Here, William suppressed rebellions such that his suppression and the events about it cost a minimum of 150,000 people's lives. This resulted in the survivors becoming cannibals. Rufus died at 53, with 11,000 pounds, or seven percent of, at that time, Britain's national income. Today that is, when accounting for inflation, $194 billion 2014 dollars. He had no children, although he kidnapped the daughter of King Harold, Gunhilda, from a convent through seduction. Because of this, his wealth was divided among his brothers.Rufus gained his wealth because he aided William in the conquest. Since William awarded his supporters well and Rufus was the best of them, Rufus got over 250,000 acres of land. So, know the right people to help to succeed.

Augustus Ceasar

Julius Caesar adopted Augustus Caesar before his death. Augustus Caesar went on to turn Rome from a decrepit republic (caused by Julius Caesar) into a robust empire. In essence, he 'found Rome a city of bricks and left it in marble.' Historians regard him as one of the greatest administrative geniuses in history. Under his autocracy, the greatest writers known to men, such as Virgil, Ovid, Horace, and Livy, came to be. One cannot say that only because of him did these writers become great. But he did form a culture which gave the talented ambition to be great. Thus, the talented worked and became great.Roman art, as in sculptures, architecture, and such, came to be the acme of Classical art. Many of the works at this time seemed to be masterpieces.He also expanded the borders of Rome greatly. Augustus, though, could not have completed the military expeditions needed for expansion by himself. This is because he was not the most competent military commander. He employed Tiberius, Agrippa, and others to help him. He was wide read and he had written books and dialogues, all now lost, on philosophies and such. He was gentle and kind to those who aided him, and to family members.Augustus, or Octavian, was somewhat cruel, especially at the start of his empire. But if he were not cruel, he would likely have been a failure. He also pushed himself and those around him to the greatest extents. You can, therefore, conclude Augustus to be a genius with a relentless work ethic. Consequently, this may be where his money came out of, smart and hard work. However, his money came mainly from inheritance: he inherited much of Julius Caesar's wealth. Estimates say he was worth some $4.6 trillion. Others say he even personally owned Egypt. Surrounded by all these riches, though, he still did not indulge himself in personal luxuries. So, sometimes you may be lucky to be born into a good family. He may not have even been the richest of those times because Crassus seemed to be richer, but these are only guesses.

Mansa Musa

Mansa Musa's riches were so great that he disrupted economies. When he went on his Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, he brought 60,000 people and showered the poor with gold. He also built a new mosque every Friday. Because of these activities, he inflated the prices of everywhere he went. After realizing this, he instituted new policies to reverse his effect. His wealth is incalculable, and therefore, is not only one of the richest people in all history, but he is also the richest. AJ Goodwin says he was the one man who by himself had the greatest influence on the Mediterranean economy. He got his wealth because the Mali Empire had vast gold mines. So, by procuring productive lands or stocks you can become profitable.