Religion in the Workplace

Jesus was a carpenter, before dying on the cross for your sins. He had a day job, coworkers, just like you. Jesus also had a boss. Jesus’s job was to install shelves, to make furniture. When he started preaching, he could go on and on about his beliefs. Jesus is an excellent example of how to represent your faith at work.Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, you are legally protected to express your faith at work, and not be hired or fired for it. You have to be reasonably accommodated. But employers matter too. There are limits. How can you balance proclaiming your religious beliefs, and doing your job?

Do Your Job Well

When Jesus installed shelves and made a kitchen hutch, Jesus did it well and produced quality work. So can you. Your excellent work and work ethic leaves a good, positive impression on people. Especially your superiors. Be a good worker and good to work with. People like this in coworkers. When they find out your religious beliefs, they will associate you with them.

Be Respectful

You can legally talk about your religion, and express your faith. However, if you do this to someone who tells you to stop, to leave them alone, and go away, it’s religious harassment and is a terminable offense. You can’t force someone to go to your church, or religious activities they don’t want to go to. Under Title VII, everyone is protected; leave those people alone.Besides being an emotionally, and interpersonally intelligent decision, it’s a smart one. Good jobs are hard to come by, strive to keep yours.

Show Your Faith’s Best Qualities

Every religion has to have good qualities, why else would people believe in them? Be patient, be kind, be helpful, respect your coworkers, respect your boss, don’t lash out at people, don’t gossip.Having a good spirit benefits you and everyone around you. Along with an excellent work performance, this will also draw people to you. A good conversion, an entire life of living a particular faith isn’t a short sell.

Be Humble

Kim Davis is a very famous and proud Christian- not for the right reasons. Her handling of her workplace conflict wasn’t the best. Your religion and your work will conflict, and the Bible says to pray for authorities. It does not mean to antagonize them because of your faith.All throughout history, antagonizing authorities and your bosses have been a bad idea. Consider your boss’s position; accommodating religious beliefs isn’t always easy. Your accommodation won’t always be what you wanted. Be grateful for what you get. It also helps get you better religious accommodation in the future.

Be Tactful

When to bring up your faith is tricky, religion and politics are topics that are taboo. But if you feel like a situation calls for it, go for it. Not everyone believes in the Bible, but there are some comforting and true words of wisdom in it.Use them in the right situations. People like to be encouraged. Sometimes you never know what you need until it’s right in front of your face.But also remember to think about the person listening too. Make sure it’s someone who won’t complain that you’re harassing them.Faith is a very personal matter, but work isn’t. When you bring personal matters to work, things get messy. But it can be cleaned up quickly with simple legal knowledge and tact.