Relationships: When It'sTime to Let Go of Someone

When we reflect on some of our relationships, we can usually find one that we held onto for too long. This could have been for many reasons: maybe we invested a lot of time into it or saw the potential for good in someone instead of the bad. But, hanging on to something so broken rarely ever works out. Here is how to know when to let go of someone.


This is the number one reason to leave someone by the wayside. Any kind of abuse should make you want to distance yourself from a significant other, but especially if it just develops without any provocation. The moment someone can harm you, whether physically or emotionally, and they face no reprisal, they know they can use that approach again. So why do some people stay with abusive partners? Sometimes out of embarrassment, other times because they think it is part of the relationship experience. It is far too common, according to, but it is not the norm in a healthy relationship. You are not obligated to stick around with an abuser, and the situation is unlikely to improve.


Physical distance is not what this is referring to. If someone is pushing you away, and they refuse to help you understand why they deserve space for a time. After all, many people are rarely willing to come out with traumas or may have undiagnosed mental conditions. If this is an extended period measured in months or years, however, you need to consider your emotional needs in the relationship. Relationships are two-way forums of communication; someone who is emotionally unavailable can leave you confused, and leave you feeling helpless.

Staying Out of Convenience or Obligation

Living a comfortable existence with a partner is the ideal for any couple. However, staying with someone because it is convenient is not. Maybe issues have come up that you just cannot work out with your partner; infidelity, lying, or abuse could all be potential major problems in a relationship. But, because of time investment or the convenience, you get the sense you should stay. This is the absolute wrong way to approach the relationship. It will only deteriorate from that point on, especially if your partner takes advantage of the blind eye turned to their activity. Even if breaking up might be a hassle, consider it an investment into a brighter future. This is not only for your sake, but your partner's as well.Take the initiative, and get control of your life with relationships. Be willing to make hard decisions when a relationship turns sour, and find happiness after recognizing your self-worth.Think a failed relationship was a waste of time? Wrong. Click here to see some lessons we can learn from relationships that fell apart.