Reasons Your Child Doesn't Need To Be On Social Media

People want to capture every moment of their children’s lives. Time flies by fast, you don’t want to miss or forget anything. But should you capture every moment, "for the children"? Then share it?More importantly, should you allow this behavior? Do you encourage it? The leap from having an Instagram account when you were three, to having certain types of videos leaked as an adult is, not much. You shared and were shared your entire life, everybody overshares. What’s the big deal?It’s actually a big deal. Here is why you should think before sharing your child's pictures on social media.Your Child’s FutureSharing like this seems innocent, and normal, now. But it has ramifications. In 2016 an Austrian teenager sued her parents for violating her privacy. They posted thousands of her childhood pictures on Facebook. Some were just embarrassing. Others were of her naked, or on the potty.Her parents thought it was fine. Those pictures were their property. But if she applies to a job, and there’s a background check, oh no.This is why countries like France have laws against, and encourage parents, not to post 1,498 pictures of their kid by the time they’re five. A percentage of which will be not kosher in just a few years. As extra encouragement, the fine for not complying is the down payment on a house.But the bright side is that with no house, with internet access, those French parents can’t post any more pictures. To sites and pages, whose privacy settings they haven’t checked in a year. Which allows strangers to see them. Then to use them as they see fit.Cyberbullying There are also other frightful reasons your children don't need social media accounts. Adults turn into children on the internet, this is scientific fact. Cyberbullying is a huge problem. More laws and punishments to deter it are coming out every day.Having an Instagram account at three makes it extra easy. There are mean, nasty people, who think, they’re anonymous out there. It’s not just these people that negatively affect your child’s self-confidence though; it’s social media itself.Self-ConfidenceMore, and more these days adults are demanding likes on their social media accounts, and children are contemplating suicide because they didn’t get enough likes. This is the harsh truth of what social media can do to a person self-confidence. Parents should never let their children grow up relying on social media for self-confidence.People, children, and teens especially, like to compare themselves to others. When they don’t get as many likes or comments or loves, or retweets in a blatantly public forum, it’s discouraging and becomes very addictive.Businesses and organizations who are concerned about this is understandable, but a child, or anyone, on a personal level? No, it doesn’t matter. It is a poor gauge of how important you are.Narcissism It’s also fickle and incredibly fleeting when you get any validation this way. People also don’t realize how toxic it is, what they become. According to a German study, Narcissists use social media at an alarming rate.The two go hand in hand really. And if you’re a narcissist, or raising a future one, you only see one of those hands. Why does anyone post pictures of their lunch? Or nice things that they have, places they go, their activities?Does anyone really care what brand of toilet paper you use? Some people think other people do. Blatantly showing off, and me, me, me, look at me have sadly become socially acceptable.It doesn’t mean you have to accept such behavior though. Especially from impressionable young children. Tell them no, tell them to stop, and that you love them.Children and teenagers are young and impressionable.  However hard you try, you can’t protect them from everything. They have to learn on their own sometimes. You can protect them from other things though.