You Should Really Start Stretching in the Morning

Stiff joints and tight muscles make even the most simple of tasks a pain in the neck, sometimes literally. Stretching is key, but you should start your day with it instead of just stretching whenever. Here are some reasons why you should start stretching in the morning.

Improved Flexibility

Stretching, in general, will improve flexibility, but morning stretches have been documented to increase flexibility ever so slightly more than evening stretching. A study by the City University of New York compared the results of two groups performing the same two hamstring stretches for a six week period. The results showed that the morning group had greater hamstring and hip flexibility on average than the evening group. Ideally, you would stretch in the morning and evening. But a morning stretch is vital to improving flexibility and reaping the benefits.

Better Blood Flow

Stretching can improve your blood flow. According to a study by Kruse et al., stretching can improve blood flow within the human body. Efficient blood circulation provides our body with vital nutrients and minerals to keep us going throughout the day. Maintaining a hearty circulatory flow also prevents terrible diseases, five of the most dangerous being listed here at Healthline.

Better Posture

Stretching can improve posture. Many people underestimate the importance of posture as a social grace and a potential cause of injury. Improving our posture through key stretches, such as ones that focus on the back and legs, help prevent us from slouching or looking otherwise disinterested when at rest. Bad posture can also cause spinal shifts and back pain over time. Therefore, good posture is important for injury prevention and making a good initial impression especially in the workplace.Looking for a few stretches to start with? Click here to see three important stretches that you should do every day!