You Really Need to Stop Buying These Things at The Grocery Store

You Really Need to Stop Buying These Things at The Grocery Store

When it comes to grocery shopping, many people believe it's the kind of shopping you can do no wrong. Shopping for food is typically what is bought at the grocery store, but there are also other items purchased as well. What many fail to realize is that there are cheaper ways to buy a lot of items being bought at the grocery store.

Things You Should Stop Buying At the Grocery Store

According to Greeting Cards cost about $5 at the grocery store. It's true they bought for birthdays and other special occasions they often get read and pushed aside. Urbo says instead of the purchase of a greeting card buy a gift certificate. It puts your money to good use because gift cards can be used to purchase things, unlike greeting cards.


When you think of things bought at the grocery story, batteries are not the first thing that comes to mind. However many people buy them at the local supermarket. suggests buying batteries at Walmart and Costco in order to save money. Amazon brand batteries can be bought on their site for free if you have an Amazon Prime.


Buying magazines and books are often a thing of the past. Yet there are so many people that buy magazines while standing in line at the grocery store. recommends using Kindles and Tables for reading online magazines. It saves money by subscribing to the magazine. Some of the companies even offer free reads, but if you are a fan of the paper magazine go to Barnes and Noble or CVS.


When you're a parent, it can be convenient to buy groceries and diapers at the same store. Which is the reason why a lot of people buy them there? suggests saving money buying them by the quantities at Sam's Club. CVS is great for buying diapers because they offer coupons and rewards. Having an Amazon Prime is perfect for buying diapers. They have their own brand which saves a lot of money and is delivered. Ordering diapers online relieve the distress of not going to the store.


Another convenient item people buy at the grocery store are toothbrushes. It may save you time, but toothbrushes should not be bought at the grocery store. says it's cheaper to buy them at CVS or Target. Walmart has the best prices on toothbrushes especially the electric toothbrushes by Oral B.

Specialty Cake

If you have a birthday or celebration and you need a specialty cake made it's best to go to a bakery instead of the grocery store. According to you can get a cake from Costco or Sam's Club for a fourth of the price you would pay for one at the grocery store.

Bottled Water

Buying bottled water at the grocery store is really unnecessary. Not only is it better to use purified water systems like Brita it's less expensive and more environmentally friendly.

Kitchen Ware

It may seem simple to buy spoons and forks where you buy food and drinks, but it's not. says the grocery stores don't have a big selection and are more expensive than Costco and Home Goods.

Pet Food

The reason why Pet Food isn't good to buy at the grocery store is that of incentives. According to Petco and PetSmart have loyalty rewards and are less expensive, but if you want to stock up on pet food go to Costco.

Party Supplies

The best place to get party supplies is the dollar tree. You can buy balloons, hats, tablecloths, paper cups, and paper plates for a dollar. The grocery stores are way too expensive to buy party items that will end up being thrown away.

Light Bulbs

If you are out of light bulbs, Urbo says the grocery store is the last place to get them. For great deals on light bulbs, it's best to go to hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowes.The next time you are at the grocery store try to avoid buying these items. Not only will it save you tons of money, but you've also found better quality things.

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