The Problem With Casual Dating & Why You Should Avoid It

Casual dating seems to be something of "the norm" for many adults today, but it isn't necessarily beneficial in the long run. Dating is complicated, and if you ask any college student about the expectations of relationships today, it differs depending on the situation. One thing that many adults can agree on is the popularity of casual dating. However, this modern way of dating causes some serious problems which lead us to believe it’s best to avoid it altogether.With dating sites and apps, it's much easier to fall into this casual way of dating, but easy isn't always what's best. Below are a few issues with casual dating and its effects in the long run.

More Confusion

With the focus only on the physical aspect of a relationship, both individuals lack respect towards one another. In the beginning, it may seem like something great but may move past casual towards a Friends With Benefits relationship which also leads to more confusion. Without the commitment that comes with something more long term, that uncertainty and doubt follow you even if you decide to pursue something serious. Casual dating is trying to make the physical aspect more important than a person's mental health, which causes problems in your growth as an adult as well.

No foundation, No commitment

Again, casual dating is best avoided due to the strain on emotions it causes on both sides. With no clear indication of what the relationship is one person (or both) end up struggling with their confidence and commitment issues.  A relationship is about appreciating one another and enjoying each other's company instead of calling or texting just to have sex.

Lack of Spiritual Growth

Where is God in all of this?God should be a central part of a strong relationship, but casual dating is selfish and throws away everything we value. Specifically for Christians and Catholics, our relationships (especially dating) should be out of respect. A romantic partner and possible future husband/wife are expected to guide us spiritually and encourage prayer with God instead of turning those values down. Casual dating doesn't take any of that into consideration.

Respect yourself

Avoid casual dating because you have respect for yourself and the other person involved.  Take hold of your faith, values, and confidence by saying no to casual dating.  The worst thing that can happen is getting you down because of the confusion that comes with casual dating.  Sometimes it's best to take a step back and ask yourself, "Is this right?". More importantly, how am I respecting myself as a man or woman of God.