Preventing the Flu

Every year thousands of people become hospitalized and even have died, as the result of the flu. We must be ready for it and begin flu prevention. According to the CDC, the virus is usually in season from early October to late May. This article will provide you the tools necessary to stay vigilant against the flu virus.

Wash Your Hands

Washing up before dinner is not the only time you should be washing your hands. Any time you come in contact with shared objects, you should wash your hands; this includes, doorknobs, telephones, and hands; even if they’re yours. It is not only important to wash your hands, but also to ensure you are using the proper technique to ensure maximum cleansing. When washing your hands, be sure to lather them well after you have gotten them wet. Also, it is necessary to cleanse the back of the hands, between the fingers, and under the nails, in addition to the palms of the hands. Hand sanitizer is perfect for after your wash. Microbiologist Jason Tetro says the best sanitizers are alcohol-based. In a pinch, when hand-washing is not an option, hand sanitizer will be your best friend. However, it is important to be mindful that the CDC says hand sanitizers do not kill all germs. So,  it is not a good idea to use hand sanitizers as a replacement for soap and water. 

Clean Everything

Washing your hands is not enough. Remember the old tests that would identify the various germs found on the bottom of women’s purses? It was disgusting to see how bacteria spread to delicate essentials. The unfortunate reality is that germs are everywhere. You need to find them and clean them ASAP. It may even be your whole house, but do not panic! Start small, with the kitchen being first on the list. Use Clorox wipes, or a similar cleaner to go over the door knobs, sinks, tables, etc. Be sure to clean what you use most; this includes the refrigerator and stove, faucets, and microwave panel. Once you have finished in the kitchen and make your way to the living or family room, ensure you clean all telephones, electronics, and remotes. Then to the bedrooms to wash linen, makeup brushes, etc. Lastly, there is the bathroom; sanitize the knobs, sinks, and the throne! While you’re in there, don’t forget to shower.

Vitamin C

The old myth of Vitamin C curing a cold or flu is not true. But, taking it now will benefit your immune system and help treat illnesses like colds. You want to be ready for any attacks from germs this season. Vitamin C will help fight those viruses and infections along with other benefits. There are many ways to ensure you are getting your Vitamin C daily. An excellent way to incorporate Vitamin C into your diet is through eating your fruits and vegetables; another way is in the form of a drink or pill supplement. It’s as simple as that, and you will be left feeling strong and satisfied.

Flu Vaccine

You can start anytime now to get your flu shot. Check your local hospital, drug store, even grocery stores. Getting the vaccine will not only help you prevent the flu, but also those around you. Every year you need the vaccine. They come in different forms and doses. Visit the CDC and to learn more about all the important FAQs on the Flu and Flu vaccinations. Remember to tell your vaccine handler anything worth noting, like pregnancy for example. They may need you to reconsider in certain conditions.

Avoid Danger Zones

Germs are everywhere; however, that does not mean you have to lock yourself up in the house. But, avoiding certain habits and areas will help prevent illnesses like the flu. Be sure NOT to touch your face unless needed. We touch our face more than we know; as a result,  germs from your phone and even handshaking end up on your face. Avoid putting your hands on things that everyone else has touched. Doorknobs are inevitable, but, you can resist the office snack jar. Another example is public transportation. Try interlocking your forearm around the handrails, instead of using your hands to hold them.  Lastly, when coughing or sneezing, do so into the crease of your elbow; if you do cough or sneeze into your hands, wash them immediately. Keep these tips in mind and be at your best this season and all year around.