How to Prevent Teen’s from Pregnancy and STD’s

The level of teen pregnancy and STD’s have been steady throughout the years. Most of this is a result of teenagers being misinformed and uneducated. They are unaware of how to avoid these things from happening. They are either getting information from their friends or reading these on the Internet. Teenagers need to realize the more information they learn the safer it is.

Educating Teens About Safe Sex

Parents should start giving their children “the talk” at an early age. Many parents fear that doing so will result in their children having sex. However, that is the biggest misconception. Educating teens on safe sex helps to avoid unwanted pregnancies and STD’s. Having a conversation is just apart of it. The best way to educate teens about safe sex isn’t just to tell them. In order for teens to fully grasp the reality of teen pregnancy and STD’s, they need to be shown. If they visually see the graphic images of sexually transmitted diseases they’ll be better at avoiding them.In 2015 30% of high school students were sexually active and 57% didn’t even use any form of contraception. Make them understand that the only sex worth having is safe sex. If their partner is against that they don’t have their best interest. It may be extremely awkward for parents to be open with their kids about sex, but it’s certainly worth it. Try picking a time when they don’t have any interruptions or distraction that way they can listen. Don’t be judgmental if they have already had sexual feelings or even intercourse. Answer all their questions even if they are extremely difficult to answer.

Teens Avoiding STD’s

While parents, relatives, and even schools should inform teens about avoiding pregnancies and STD’s it’s not enough.Teens need to reach out to Planned Parenthood. They offer a great program that informs teens about sex and STD’s with accurate information. Almost 10 million new STDs reported each year are between the ages of 15-24. The contributing factors come from teens and young adults that are without parents. They don’t have anyone to consistently inform them on the importance of getting tested for STD’s. Planned Parenthood is the leading provider of sex education. They provide information on all the STD’s, symptoms, and how to prevent them. They also provide STD testing to ensure people know their status.

Teens Avoiding Pregnancy

Nearly 230,000 babies were born to teen girls in 2015. Teenage girls need to use resources like Planned Parenthood if they have questions and need guidance. They are one of the nation’s most affordable health care for young people. They offer high-quality health care with medical experts of over 100 years of research. Teens need to realize every decision they make affects them as an adult. There’s nothing wrong with remaining abstinent until you are fully ready to become sexually active. The teen years are for you to find yourself, grow, and become an adult. Teens should not be taking care of children when they are still children themselves. The bottom line to avoiding pregnancy is to have protected sex and remaining on some form of birth control.