Pre-Gym Snacks to Boost Your Workout

Energy is a valuable commodity for fitness and is almost as important as hydration. Not all foods are great choices before a workout. Some may even sap your energy as opposed to giving you a nice jolt of energy. Here are three snacks that can give you the energy you need to boost your workout:


Something as simple as a banana can give you an awesome boost of energy. While having quality fruit sugars as an energy booster, bananas also have fiber and potassium. Fiber is great for balancing appetite and can be a boon to achieving weight loss. Potassium is an electrolyte that balances your water retention. Hydration is essential for any kind of fitness, so a pre-exercise banana is rarely a bad choice.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a nice, low calorie but high-value food to have pre-workout. As with bananas, Greek yogurt has simple sugars and balances appetite and energy release pre-routine. This helps to keep your energy levels constant during your routine. Greek yogurt also has quite a bit of protein to work in conjunction with fiber for staying appetite. Greek yogurt is also great to mix other foods into. A nice combo would be to mix in some dried fruit for some extra kick before a workout.


Oats are another pre-exercise food with good, slow release fiber to promote fullness and balance your energy. Oats are also loaded with B vitamins that help turn carbs into energy for your routine. You could go for one of the mixes above with yogurt and oats for a nice pre-workout power food as well.These are just a few examples of great pre-workout foods. Consider this list of recipes by Greatist for more examples of foods that are great for both before and after a workout.Concerned about your carbohydrate intake? Read here to see why you should never fear carbohydrates.