Mental Health Awareness

There is not a single human being on this planet, that does not hold some factor of their characteristics that involves some level of instability, either with their body or mind. We often go through life simply seeing someone’s appearance, and some of us do not take the time to look beyond the exterior identity, rather than the inner. What I wish to truly dive into are four, small but important key points to the pros of being an individual that lives, struggles and overcomes the embodiment of mental health, and bringing it into an awareness light. To put them into action where you see them through every dark light in life; to dream, to inspire, to radiate harmony and to portray courage.

Let A Dysfunction Become Your Inspiration

To begin, let us go over the basics of mental health. It is a state of being where a person holds a certain level of mental stability, that regards and affects an individual’s well-being and conditioning. This can range from a very minor condition or an extreme depending on the person's mentality, daily living, or simply their mindset of action. How one handles, views and lives with their mental health no matter the level shows all four of our following aspects; dream, inspire, harmony and courage. It takes more than physical and medical means to overcome, gain control, hold positivity and a strong mentality when you live with mental health challenges. For mental health awareness, we need to first break the silence and then constantly spread a new light.


To be an individual who dreams is to be a strong-minded, positive-stance person who sees past the deficiencies and struggles and utilizes their mental health to dream of better days in life and make them a reality. A person can create a series of thoughts, aspirations and ambitious occurrences to create positive chemical balances to help one’s mind see the good in mental instability such as mental health. 

For example, I hold an aspiration of being a profound artist and innovative creator through artwork, writing, dance, and singing. I utilize my talents in a manner to give me a release of the negativity from my mind that occurs with the instability of my mental health state. This method always gives me the endorphins of faith to remember that I am in control of my feelings, actions, and dreams. A mental state will never be as strong as my positive dream aspirations.


A person who struggles with mental health often feels hopeless, alone, and weak but that is utterly inaccurate. When you live through the aspects of your positive dreams and actions, you can live a life where you inspire yourself as well as others around. What would you do to inspire people around you? What do you believe and can put into action, as a method of inspiring others and leaving that to help them overcome their mental health states and other challenges in their lives? To inspire is to embed in a sense of betterment in the world around and leave a glorious impact that will make life all the better to prosper.

Harmony & Courage

Now, the final two stones of being aware of living with mental health connect and interdepend on each other. Based on personal experience, harmony and courage coexist with one another through the origin of it takes courage to embrace harmony in the most darkening situations, as well as harmony brings courage to overcome and gain control of the negative imbalances faced. Harmony is the sense of inner peace being radiated into stronger forces that helps one overcome the most impossible, and to gain the courage to embrace harmony in those shows true strength. Remember, that even the darkest occurrences in your mind, you can conjure the courage to embrace harmony so you can be stable with yourself. 

The month of May, as we all know, is the month of mental health awareness, but to the individuals who live with the different stages and roller coaster of mental instability, it is a daily circuit. To dream, inspire, and collaborate with harmony and courage, gives one the ability to move forward in life knowing that they are not weak and that they are stronger than any deficiency and challenge. 

Mental health is not a deficiency to me, it a mind tool where one has the control and decides the game. It is the candle duo that we keep in our minds window seal to light the darkness of our own mind. Do not ever let your candles flicker out, and do not ever let anything as simply complex as a mental health state title you as weak or impossible, and let your dysfunction become an inspiration for better.