Parenting Milestones Similar to Life's Milestones

Parenting milestones start the minute the child is conceived. From the first sonogram to finding out the sex (if you choose), as parents we are accustomed early on to many parenting milestones. This is part of the joy of parenting milestones, but the hard part is trying not to miss them. Parenting milestones are much like the milestones in all aspects of life.I was 23 years old when I had my first son. I was an adequate grown up, but still so naive about life. Our pregnancy planned. The excitement was high, but we still weren’t ready when our son greeted us.The experience was enthralling! Troy came before my baby shower. I hadn’t bought one thing for him since everyone advised me to wait until the party. My husband scurried from a hospital, to work, to the store just to make sure we had the necessities. This was one of our first parenting milestones: expect the unexpected!Even though it was chaotic, Troy’s entrance into this world offered a sense of purpose. I didn’t quite know what it was, but I knew he was going to show me. My innocence gave me strength, and I felt like I had it all figured out.Learning to be a new parent was hard. Troy was a great baby, so it was easier than expected. We were also living with the family at that time, and they offered a great deal of help.  Parenting was a new experience entirely since I wasn't accustomed to babies before.I had some disconnect with him, especially when I held him for the first time. It wasn’t a magical experience to me. It felt very dramatic with everyone watching since I often lean towards being introverted.I felt much of the same emotions as I learned to parent in front of a crowd. I never had those quiet moments to discover him, or who I was as a mother. It was yet another milestone; total annihilation and not knowing what to do.I was very resistant to that sweet boy, and I didn’t know why. Anger overwhelmed me since I couldn’t let this gentle soul fully into my heart. Prayer and inner reflection were imminent. I discovered the resistant I felt was a result of my childhood.Once I released all the misappropriated pain, I could actually connect with my son. He was nine months old at that point. It is hard to realize I had lost all that precious time deeply bonding with him.Since then, our bond has never ceased, and he remains my tiny best friend.Parenting milestones are an ebb and flow; some being glorious and others dragging our hearts through the pits. These parenting milestones shaped who I was to going to be as a parent. They also helped refine who I was as a person. It is apparent that each moment propelled me to the next. Much like reaching milestones in every facet of my life.