Nostalgic Candy That Is Still Around

We all love candy, and each generation comes out with their own. But, nothing beats the classics. Nostalgic candy still sells. Yet, not a lot of people know or have forgotten their childhood favorites. We remembered some for you that you’ll either remember or might want to try.


This honey-flavored nostalgic candy came to us in the 20s. The sweet taffy candy will give you a chew like no other. Not mentioned too much throughout our nation, but still a selling treat. Shop for Bit-O-Honey at many places including Walmart!

Candy Buttons

Candy Buttons are a sweet sugar based treat. The company makes hundreds of millions a year. They still do. Their colors and flavors include Pink, blue, yellow, which are cherry, lime, and lemon. You can buy a whole box at Candy Direct.

Big Hunk

This 50s nostalgic candy is the only big hunk you’ll need in your life. The honey tasting, tough nougat is sensational. It will have you determined to reach those roasted nuts.  Made in the USA, you can find them at their company website Annabelle Candy.


Since the late 60s, Razzles has been a favorite. Even getting shout-outs in entertainment television. The candy that turns into gum had an original Raspberry taste. Yet, the tropical flavors are now in the bag. You can find them almost everywhere. Get your bag for a buck at Shelburne Country Store.

Rocky Road

Rocky road is the great mix of marshmallow, chocolate, and cashews. This is popular as ice cream. Yet, the best way to eat it is in bar form. The Rocky Road candy bar is a nostalgic favorite. Annabelle even produces different flavors like milk and dark chocolate, smores, and mint. You can find them in different locations like the Annabelle Candy website.

100 Grand

Since the late 60s, 100 grand has been the rich bar that precedes its name. The gooey caramel inside and the crispy chocolate coat is a delight for many generations. Grab your bag from Target.

Wonder Ball  

This wondrous 90s candy comes with a box of surprises. Each chocolate ball carries sweet and tart candies inside that you can find as you bite into it or break it apart. Each box comes with a sticker. They always have different themes that relate to children’s characters. You can still find them in a mass of locations or online at the Old Time Candy.

Big League Chew

Big League Chew has been a nostalgic candy to any generation in America. Brought to us in the 80s, it was a perfect sweet alternative to tobacco chew. Now everyone can have a delicious habit. Made in the USA, you can get them almost at any store including Walmart.

Chupa Chups

Chupa Chups is a Spanish candy filled with flavors that will make your mouth water. In the late 50s, this mixed deliciousness made up by an idea when melting sweets. Each sucker has many sweet flavors. You can get your ice cream flavored ones at Target.

Fruit Stripe Gum

In the late 60s, Fruit Stripe gum was the 5-flavor gum for kids. Today, it still has the immense flavor it had back then. Although it’s known for short-lasting flavor, the juicy satisfaction makes up for it. Get your own box of it now at Walmart.

Charleston Chew

Made in the 20s, hence the name, this chewy goodness will set your expectations for candy high. His chocolate bar has a tasty nougat center, vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry. You can spread the joy this nostalgic candy brings by getting a snack-sized bag from Jet online.

Peanut Butter Logs

The late 40s had a peanut butter blessing. This PB candy has a crunch that will make you want more. The sweet honey tastes added will be the tip of the iceberg for you. You can get yours at the Atkinson company website.

Sugar Daddy

The Sugar Daddy era was in the 20s. Still today, it’s known as the amazing flat sucker of caramel delight. You can become a sugar baby by getting a whole box at Walmart.