Natural Skin & Hair Hacks

Natural Skin & Hair Hacks

Top skin care experts have identified which natural ingredients and protocols have proven to be the most effective in helping people achieve the healthiest, most radiant skin possible.


Red, orange, and yellow fruits and vegetables are loaded with beta-carotene. Your body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A, which is essential for protecting against sun damage, healing wounds, and encouraging cell turnover. Topical natural products with beta-carotene also have antioxidant benefits for your skin.Get the recipe to a beta-carotene-rich Spirulina Smoothie!

Green Tea Extract

Green tea has high levels of antioxidant chemicals that help prevent or even reverse UV damage to the skin. It is often used in skin care for its excellent natural anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing properties. Green tea may also slow the skin aging process and prevent premature dry skin from causing your skin to lose its radiance.

  • Cut open a bag of green tea and empty it into a small cup. Add a little honey to make it into a paste, and apply the paste to your freshly cleaned face. Leave the mask on for ten minutes then rinse it off

  • Splash some cooled, freshly brewed green tea over your face. Rinse with cool water

  • Mix a teaspoon of matcha green tea powder with a teaspoon of raw honey and stir to form a paste. Spread over your face and leave for ten or fifteen minutes before removing with a warm, wet washcloth

Oil Cleansing

I know it may seem absurd to throw oil on an already oily face to clean it, but oil cleanses oil. Oil moisturizes. Oil softens. Oil is natural, made from the earth. Oil has one ingredient—oil. I use a mixture of jojoba and castor oil. Castor oil is an amazing cleansing agent. I put the oil mixture in an old glass bottle and shake it up before I use it.

Antiaging Essential Oils

I use:

  • Lavender—Lavender is great for all skin types but very powerful for mature skin. It is widely known for its calming and relaxing properties but is also great for soothing mild skin irritations.

  • Frankincense—Frankincense is used in many beauty products to slow the signs of aging and to promote youthful, radiant skin.

  • Geranium—Geranium essential oil helps to give you clear, healthy skin and is an ideal ingredient for skin care products.

  • Myrrh—Myrrh is soothing to the skin, promoting a smooth, youthful-looking complexion.

Get the recipe for a DIY Facial Serum!Our skin is vitally important in ensuring good health. So it stands to reason that one of the most important ways we can be successful on our journey to health is to understand how to adequately care for our skin.

Natural Protocols for Your Scalp & Hair

There are many natural methods you can use to clean your hair instead of using the heavily perfumed and chemical-laden shampoos and conditioners sold in stores.

How to Choose Natural, Organic Skin & Hair Products

When you are choosing the products that will be used on your skin and scalp, you need to know how to choose the safest non-toxic products available. Here are a few simple steps you can take:

  • Stick with just the basics—A safe, natural product needs only basic ingredients.

  • Be sure you know what you are really getting—Examine product labels carefully. The words “natural” and “all-natural” are not regulated labeling terms.

  • Say no to fragrance—Dozens of toxic chemicals may be mixed in a single product’s fragrance mixture. Use unscented products.

  • Choose packaging that can be recycled—The ideal option is glass because it is recyclable and won’t leak toxins into the product.

  • Choose products made with organic ingredients—This includes those grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, and botanicals are grown using biodynamic farming methods. Look for the Demeter USA stamp of approval on the label. Demeter International is the only certifier of bio dynamic farms and products in the world.

  • Sidestep the petrochemicals—These are obtained from natural gas and are identified on labels as petrolatum, mineral oil, and paraffin.

  • Ignore exotic trends—Every so often a trend will emerge promising to be the answer to all your skin-related problems, but often these trends cause serious damage to your skin, the environment, or both.

Homemade, Natural Shampoos, Rinses & Conditioners

I have found that there is nothing quite as wonderful to rinse my hair with like a 50–50 mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. If you want to mask the smell of the vinegar, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. I particularly like the scent of Wild Orange essential oil.Making your own hair conditioner is a great way to target your hair’s exact needs without the use of any unhealthy chemicals or additives. Many of us deal with frizzy, dry, or damaged hair from over-treating, over drying, over-curling, or over processing our hair. Damaged hair can lead to split ends that limit hair growth and can cause your hair to lose its natural sheen and thickness.There are simple, homemade conditioners you can make to remedy your damaged hair. You can make a simple healing conditioner using natural ingredients such as avocados, bananas, eggs, honey, and extra-virgin olive oil.With just a little work on your part, you can maintain strong, healthy hair and firm, youthful, radiant skin throughout your entire life!

Jacqueline Ritz is the founder of The Paleo Mama blog, an essential oil educator, a DIY guru, and a student of herbal medicine. Not too long ago she talked her husband into giving up their big-city life to buy some goats and chickens. The rest is history! She has had a strong desire to raise her kids in an environment where they could learn to love and appreciate this beautiful world and where they could get back to the simplicity of living a more natural life. This passage is an excerpt from her book Everday Natural: Living a Pure and Simple Life is Not As Complicated As You Think.

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