My Weight Loss Journey After Pregnancy

I started my weight at 302 pounds. I thought my weight was a factor as to why I hadn’t gotten pregnant before last year. When I found out that I was pregnant, the first thing that crossed my mind was my weight. I would already be considered high risk because of it. Along with the high blood pressure, I made sure to keep my weight gain under control. I gained only 20 pounds throughout my whole pregnancy which I consider not to be a lot. It was because of the blood pressure that my daughter ended up coming three weeks early, but she is fine, healthy, and keeping me up when I want to sleep.Right now, my current weight is 285 pounds and slowly going downward. These are a few things that I am doing to currently keep that number going down until I reach a healthy weight that I am satisfied with. This advice is based on a single mom of a 2-month-old, who is working, in school, and finding the time to lose weight. I am having a hard time trying to breastfeed exclusively, so I alternate between breastfeeding and formula until I get my milk supply up. If you are looking for a quick 30-pound loss miracle in one week, you won’t find it here. If you want advice on how I am doing it, then you came to the right place.

Drink Plenty of Water

You’ve heard this before; I know. I drink unsweetened tea, water with lime or lemon juice to get my daily intake. Eventually, I went to just drinking water. My sister was helping me during the first week after coming home from the hospital. After she left, I didn’t have time to cut lemons or lime and squeeze them into the water.  The tea wasn’t brewing quick enough when dealing with a small baby. Now, I am drinking so much water; I hate the taste of it and would rather drink soda. I have a gallon container marked drink me to remind myself to drink water. Silly but it helps.

Quick Meals

I was fortunate to stay at home for three weeks with my daughter before I had to go back to work. My money supply was running low, and I had to provide. I had to keep my energy up so I could keep up with my daughter when she wasn’t sleeping. I learned in week two of her being home that I had so much I needed to do and cooking like I used to before I was pregnant wasn’t an option.My solution was quick meals.  For breakfast, I would have almond milk, a banana, ½ cup of oats, cinnamon, and sometimes one tablespoon of peanut butter blend it and drink that for breakfast. Put instant oatmeal in a coffee mug and put that in the microwave and throw in some blueberries. For lunch, I would get premade salads in a bag or grab already shredded lettuce, throw in some small tomatoes, salad dressing, and precooked chicken, and eat that after the baby was fed. I'd grab some spinach, wheatgrass, precut pineapples, precut cucumbers, blend it and drink it. For dinner would be the same thing that I had for lunch. My goal was looking for something instant but also healthy.


When I couldn’t “prepare” anything, I snacked. Apples, oranges, carrots, and other fruits or veggies that I could quickly wash and eat. Every two hours or whenever I felt hungry I ate; I didn’t always love the taste. Almonds and peanuts were great alternatives too.


I canceled my gym membership when I found out I was pregnant because that was 30 dollars a month that needed to go towards bills, food, or baby supplies. The apartment that I stay in had a gym facility, but not all the equipment was working. I have my treadmill that I haven’t fixed yet. I started small and walked around the house with my daughter. The downside is that she now wants to be held all the time. I recently started walking with her in a stroller. I don’t even walk on most days. I fit it in when I can, and as my daughter sleeps more, I try to squeeze marching in place.

Giving Myself a Break

I don’t stick to my healthy eating all the time. I’m not talking about having cheat days. I mean eating a burger on a no-cheat day. My taste buds and stomach can’t stand as much fast food as I did last year. My sisters can vouch for that. I don’t walk every day because I choose between doing laundry, washing dishes or taking a 30-minute walk. I don’t get my gallon intake of water every day, and I’m not going tell you that I do for the sake of an article.Things slip. I start the next day again and try to stay consistent. For me, 37 lbs. in three months is the longest I have maintained weight loss. A small step but I’ll take it. The journey to my weight goal is a long one, but the patience for me is the hardest part. As the saying goes, “I didn’t gain it overnight.”