The Must See Fall Fashion Trends

Leather PantsWearing leather pants is more popular than ever this fall. Not only are they stylish they also provide a slender appearance. Pair a fabulous pair of leather pants with an off the shoulder sweater. Or for a rock star look pair it with a logo long sleeve shirt and a pair of boots. This style is effortless to put together and inexpensive to buy.FringeFringe is one of fall’s 2017 trends. Dresses and skirts that have that shaky material are what designers like Milly and Marchesa are going for. This design adds flair and accentuates the concentration of the outfit.Gold This fall if you want to jazz up your wardrobe add a little gold to it. Velvet was big for fall, but this season the color of the moment is gold because it adds richness on top of richness. Wearing a metallic gold coat, skirt, or dress is the best way to pull of this popular trend.FloralsIf you thought florals were only for the spring and summer season, you are sadly mistaken. Florals are staying around for fall, but they are the darker, romantic florals. Pull this look off by pairing your favorite dark floral skirt or pants with a neutral colored sweater. It’s a great look for the fall, and it won’t look out of season.Wearing Robes and PJ’s as Poncho’s This new trend has everyone buzzing about it. This trend is called bedtime stories; robes, PJ’s, slips, and quilts are worn as poncho’s over clothing. Try pairing a stylish shirt with a nice pair of PJ’s. Or pair a dress with fishnet stockings, boots, and a stylish bathrobe. Chances are you’ll get tons of compliments and people won’t even realize you’re wearing robes and PJ’s.PatchworkThis fall one of the most creative and unique styles is patchwork. It’s an easy way to mix prints. This trend can be worn as a dress, a patchwork outfit, or a fabulous pair of patchwork denim jeans. This look is uniquely designed by tons of designers and is meant to pull off a versatile look.Fun FurThis fall, have fun with fur. Adding fun colors and patterns using fur is the latest trend this fall. Having fun with fur doesn’t mean hurting animals. Faux fur is the best way to go in order to pull this trend together. Turning A Dress Into A SkirtTurning a dress into a skirt is a great trend this fall. Anyone from kids going back to school to adults are following this trend. Since the fall is about layering, take a sweater and wear it over a favorite dress of yours. Try to stick to the same color to create a great on-point layering.Mismatched Denim An unusual, but unique trend this fall is layering different shades of denim It provides an edgy way to rock a lot of the same denim attire. Be sure to pair it with neutral patterns and accessories.