Moving Abroad: What to Consider Before Move

You want a new adventure. You looked and decided that moving abroad is what you want. Before you relocate and change your life here are a few things to consider before moving.


I love research! When doing such a significant change as relocating, you need to ask yourself a lot of questions. More than asking, search for concrete answers. Never assume or think it will work out just like it works now. No; Ask, search, and educate yourself. If you are moving to another country look at Expat Blogs that currently live there. See what they had to do and how to deal with this new place properly.Don’t assume that English will be spoken there. English is a very known language, but that doesn’t mean that is the primary language or that finding work will be easy for you.  If there is another language preferred or spoken in your chosen place be real about the chances of learning it. Depending on the destination selected search what things to do. Maybe the place you want has a lot of locations you can visit and learn from. Research not only the important things but also the fun and exciting things that will help you fall in love with this new adventure.

Job Hunt

Finding work is not as easy as you might think. The immigration system in other countries is very rigorous, and certain things need to be in place to make a smooth transition. My recommendation is to find a job before you move. A lot of companies and businesses do Skype interviews. Very important as well is your Expat Package. Fight for it. Don’t agree for you to renew your Visa let your job do it.The company or entity that hires you needs to provide and work every legal aspect of your papers and they should be in order. You shouldn’t have to deal with it. If you have children ask about them assisting you in everything getting ready for them as well. This is very important. Remember that you don’t know how the legal system works in this country and you don’t have the knowledge to go and fight for a working permit or temporary residency.

You Won’t Find It

Can you live without your favorite snack, cereal or food? Sometimes you just won’t find what you want and crave. I remember the first time I saw Doritos the original nacho cheese one! A little scream escaped me at the Philadelphia Airport from the shock.  I was living in Egypt for two years, and they did not have the original Doritos. They had Kebab,  lime with onion, and feta cheese, but not the original ones. Don’t be surprised if simple things like that will be unreachable to you.Learn to embrace the new things and don’t complain about how much you miss the other things you can’t have. That will only make it worse. Remember you wanted this change so don’t look back. You can always have family ship some things if necessary. I never had anything ship in the years I was living abroad. I learn new things, and tried amazing food.

Home Sickness

It's real, and it's not a joke. It is very important to understand this concept. If you never lived away from home or your hometown and this is your first time making a change you need a support system. Right now, you feel strong, excited, and ready for this new challenge. But heed my words, that is not going to last.  If you are very close with family members, you need to establish a communication protocol with them. What I mean is that you need to choose how many times you will be communicating. If you choose Skype as your way of communicating then establish a day you will be speaking with your family. This will change as you start to enjoy your new life and meet new people.Make sure that you do what works for you. One thing I enjoyed a lot was finding things in this new country that I loved. I loved going to buy fresh produce weekly. Find places and things you enjoy that might not have worked before. Start establishing a sense of belonging. Fight the depression and realize that you are going to miss weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, graduations, and all kinds of events. You can’t just hop on a plane and go for a day or two.Speak with your family and let them understand so they can support you; this is crucial. I remember having a terrible day during the holidays. I just called, and all I could do was cry. My family was supportive and helped me through it. I had a support system who knew me. They reminded me gently and with love that I was where I wanted to be and that whatever I decided they were there for me.

Is Okay to Go Back

If by any chance you don’t feel like is working in this new place don’t try to be strong. Sometimes things don’t work out as you plan and it's okay to go back. Maybe that was not the right place for you. Regroup and like the song says "if at first you don’t succeed try again!" It's important is to have a plan. Always prepare for an emergency or just in case it didn’t go as you thought. Try it out for a year; don’t go back just in the first few months!Always leave a plan established if something happens you will fall back on that. I remember leaving money with my father and telling him to please keep it for me. I asked him specifically to just hold it without anyone knowing. That money was my saving grace when I returned and didn't have anything at all. Be smart; it's good to take risks but also be smart about it. Remember that life happens, and anything unexpected can happen. The important part is to enjoy as much you can and don’t give up so easily. Living abroad was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life.