How Being a Mother Makes You Stronger

How Being a Mother Makes You Stronger

One of the most life-changing experiences is becoming a mother. It can change you in unexpected ways, that life becomes more precious. Being a mother can also make you stronger than you could ever imagine.

You See Things in a New Perspective

As a mother, you will hear opinions from your mom, friends, and even strangers. It can come as unwanted. People will give you their opinions about everything from feeding or sleeping too when you should start feeding baby food. Although in the beginning, you may think that you are doing everything wrong, you begin to realize that there is more than one right way to do things. Just because you do something different than your sister does not make you a bad mother. It is simply finding your parenting style and doing what works for you.

You Cry But Then Brush it Off

Motherhood can make you more emotional than you would ever imagine. If you had the unfortunate experience of having a traumatic birth, then you will become overprotective of your child for his or her first waking moments. Sending him or her to daycare and worrying about whether that child is cared for can turn you into a wreck. If you have a parent that does not contribute at all, you will be the child’s sole provider. This can bring out an unusual and unexpected strength in you. Even on your hardest days, after a good cry, you can wipe the tears away and still go out and conquer the world.

You Learn to Multi-task

If you have ever held a squirming seven-month-old infant while talking on the phone and attempting to change him or her, you truly understand the meaning of multi-tasking. Children require a tremendous amount of attention; however, our lives do not stop. Often, they require our attention during the busiest of times, demanding for us to focus on them and whatever else we might be tackling. This can truly turn you into Superwoman.

You Become More Selective With Your Time

As a mother, your time is much more limited. Even if you have a daycare or family members helping you, every other waking moment is time to accomplish what cannot be done with you are taking care of the baby. Perhaps you have errands to run such as grocery shopping, getting gas, or doing laundry. You might have to work full-time and/or go to school. You will not have the leisure of taking a day off with your girlfriends anymore or not worrying about things that need to be done. Every moment seems to be more important.

Every Moment is Precious

Seeing life through your child’s eyes makes it even that much more precious. He or she makes the world seem more innocent. You see this little baby who was once helpless begin to do more and more for himself or herself. Every smile or laughter can mean the world to you.

Time Passes By Faster

Your baby will grow up sooner than you can imagine. When it seems like you just had your little baby, more than half a year may have already passed. You will stay busy, but this little baby will continue to grow up so fast. It feels like I just had my son, but he is now seven months old. This year will fly by before I know it and he will be one year old.

It Changes You Forever

Being a mother has significantly changed my life for the better and made me stronger in ways I would never have imagined. It makes me want to create a better life for myself but also to create a better world for my son. Now that he is here, I cannot remember life without him. He brings my life meaning in ways that it would not have without him. I am grateful and blessed to be his mother.

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