Minimizing How Much Stuff You Have

Human civilizations have left behind artifacts singe civilization. First, there were arrowheads, then clay pots. There was jewelry, tools-everyday, mostly, essential objects. Humans had other things too. But they disintegrated, decomposed over time.Now there are iPhones, and plastic branded cups from the State Fair. Then there are old tee-shirts, things you needed before, but don’t need now. But what if you need them again? You’ll miss things; you can’t get rid of them.That’s just when you’re living by yourself, with two or more people, the clutter builds up faster. Especially with kids.They’re constantly growing out of clothes, needing new things, new toys. You have to keep up with the Joneses; you don’t want to look bad.However, the Joneses don’t care, or see, the piles of superfluous stuff that builds up in your house. That won’t disintegrate or decompose. How do you get rid of it?

What’s It Even For?

Thanks to capitalism, consumerism, and the HSN, people have things that do, something. Don’t know what it’s for? How are you supposed to use it? Someone else probably knows. It’s time to get rid of it. Unless you realize it’s something medical that could save your life.

When Did You Last Use It?

The rule for clothes is if you haven’t worn it in the last six months get rid of it. It applies to other things as well; especially if it’s still in the package, or has its tags on it. That is a sign. Also, since it’s still in the package, you can get more money for it if you sell it.

Would You Notice It’s Gone?

You need to realize what’s important in life. That vase on the top shelf by that other thing you forgot was, is not necessary. It’s in the way, it could fall, and bonk you on the head. This is very important for kids to realize.They tend to notice they don’t have something when some other kid has something. And quite often it is not food, or water, or fire. They need to learn to stop comparing themselves, be grateful for what they have. They will grow up to be happier, healthier people.

How Much of It Do You Have?

Speaking of kids, they accumulate a lot of stuff. That adds up, financially and quantity wise. Nothing against Baby Einstein, but babies only had sticks to play with for a while. They still learned things. Stuff doesn’t fulfill you or make you happy.When you’re forced to survive with less, it’s freeing. Ask Timmy why he needs 10 Transformers. He'll be all right; he will live if he has only two. There are children out there with no Transformers at all.

Do You Need It?

Decorating your house is fun, a great creative outlet. A healthier way to keep up with the Joneses. Having a house is great, having a nice one is better. But you have to be practical. No one needs throw pillows.Honestly, who even makes their bed when no one is looking? Organizational tools, like cubbies, or closet organizing systems, are better investments. Your guests won’t see them, but practicality trumps fashion any day.

Does Someone Else Need It?

Spring is cleaning season, and Summer is Garage Sale season. After going through everything, separating the wheat from the chaff- get rid of the chaff. It may be chaff to you, but someone else needs your chaff. And likes a great deal, everybody wins.A professional kitchen doesn’t need five pasta strainers. Why do you have that many? You can’t redistribute wealth, but you can redistribute pasta strainers. Who doesn’t like pasta?Being financially secure and happy doesn’t mean you have to have too much stuff. And show it off like it’s not a problem, or annoying at all. You can’t avoid the deluge of acquiring more stuff forever. But you can stave it off, and dig yourself out of the stuff you already have.