How Marijuana Affects Adolescents

When it comes to adolescent’s, there are so many things that influence them. From social media to underage drinking and drugs, more adolescents partake in the behavior surrounding them. Because adolescent’s brains are transforming between a child’s and an adult they are easily influenced. Many adolescents’s go through phases because they are genuinely unaware of what they want in life. They try different hairstyles, hang around different crowds, and even start experimenting with drugs. One of the most popular and influential drugs adolescent’s start using is marijuana. While it is true recreational marijuana has been legalized in a few states, it is still a dangerous substance. There are a lot of extreme effects of adolescent’s using marijuana.

How Marijuana Affects Adolescent’s Brain

Adolescents are defined as a young person in the process of developing into an adult. The age range of adolescents partaking in marijuana use is 12-17. Adolescent’s that are daily users of marijuana become addicted to it along with other drugs. They are also more links showing that continue use of the marijuana drug effects teenage thinking.When the chemical THC enters the brain, it produces a reaction to the brain regions. This is what affects the brain’s perception, coordination, and memory. It has a more prolonged effect on teens that frequently use marijuana. One of the main concerns of marijuana use in teens is psychosis. This is why the drug gives off the high because it relaxes the senses and creates hallucinations. As a result, teens are more likely to develop learning and problem-solving issues. Teens are also more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. The more marijuana adolescents use, the more negative effect it has on brain skills and development. Harvard studies have found that teens that smoke marijuana five times a week were more likely to develop schizophrenia.

How Marijuana Affects Adolescent’s On Behavior

Adolescent’s regularly using marijuana have a behavioral change. They have an aggressive attitude and engage in violent behavior. There’s a decreased interest and motivation in teens using marijuana. Adolescent’s that use this drug became careless and less ambitious about life. They start caring less and less about future goals and doing anything productive.When adolescents are under the influence of marijuana, they engage in reckless and risky sexual behavior. Marijuana does not allow them to reason because it clouds their thinking. They are more likely to participate in more bizarre sexual activities than they usually would. Resulting in more teens having unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Marijuana Effects On Adolescents Heart & Lungs

One of the many misconceptions about marijuana is its effects on the lungs. People believe that it is safer to smoke than cigarettes, yet that could not be further from the truth. Doing any smoking is bad for your lungs. It causes coughing, bronchitis, and chest pains. There’s also a link to an increase in heart rate and blood pressure to marijuana use. Teens engaging in marijuana use at a young age have a higher risk of developing cancer and heart disease.The bottom line is that there are no positive effects of adolescents recreationally using marijuana.