How to Make Your Living Room Look More Spacious

How to Make Your Living Room Look More Spacious

The home environment is detrimental to the way people feel. And since families spend most of their time together in the living room, it’s important to create a space where everyone is comfortable. Here are some home decor tips to maximize living room space:

Using Multi-purpose Living Room Furniture

Spacious Living Room Ideas

Spacious Living Room Ideas

Instead of using sideboards or TV units to store things, multi-purpose furniture is a better option for small spaces. For example, London Peak Coffee Table Setfrom Wayfair has drawers - perfect for extra storage.

Utilizing Horizontal Space


Horizontal space is underrated. People with small living rooms can get rid of TV furniture unit that houses their books. Storing books horizontally instead of vertically frees up floor space while the TV can be mounted on the wall.

Re-thinking Coffee Tables

A coffee table can make a statement and serve a purpose without taking up too much space. Laidley Coffee Table from Mavruk Decor is  63" long and 17" wide, giving homeowners plenty of room to walk.

Breaking Interior Design Rules


Who needs double side tables holding a lamp or a flower vase? Getting rid of useless home furnishings will give owners extra space and fewer things to dust off. Using nesting tables or side tables that go under the sofa instead of classic side tables is a good alternative.

Having Movable Pieces


Sometimes having people over requires more seating or serving areas and that’s when movable pieces can come in handy. Wayfair sells a lot of cute Marion sideboard with wheels which can be moved to the living room whenever needed.

Tailoring Sofa Size to the Living Room


Sectionals can be comfortable, but they waste space. Getting a good size sofa and unique side chairs can solve this problem.

Getting Rid of Clutter


This includes old magazines, books, bills, and keys. Also, it’s important to use home accessories and home accent that actually work. For example, bookends are a piece of art which look good and hold books together.

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