Maintaining a Healthy Diet May Help You Controlling Your Genes

Most people have a lack of understanding of their genes mechanism and the way it works. Scientist suggests that our lifestyle might influence our genes expressions positively or negatively. Unfortunately, people blame and attribute their genes for their diseases; however, your lifestyle determines how healthy you are.  Do not accept to be fat or sick, the way you eat, think, feel, rest and socialize is what regulates and controls your genes expressions. Some genes control obesity, diabetes or heart disease but are not predestined. We subject genes to our environment (food, weight, exercise, stress, toxins exposure) which control ninety percent of gene expression pattern. In this article, I will concentrate on food and healthy diet and its influence on our microbiome.

Healthy diet

Eat organic locally grown fresh in season, whole foods (vegetables, fruits, and herbs) and eliminate refined, fast food chains, and processed foods. Whole, fresh foods decrease inflammation and provide your body with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, while processed foods optimize the genetic expression causing chronic inflammation, which leads to many serious diseases. Pay attention to how you feel after eating, if you do not feel energetic or joyful, it is a sign of inflammation.

Have a conversation with your body

When you eat healthy food, your stomach, and intestinal tract break down the food into its component nutrients, which reacts with your microbiome (the bacteria in your gut). The intestine absorbs the nutrients into the blood stream and then to the body cells to create a potential response in gene expression. Nourished cells with healthy food will have a genuine chemical conversation with the brain, which will trigger a positive gene expression, and change the chemical profile of the cells. Understanding this conversation will give you holistic power over your body.

Avoid chronic inflammations

The chronic inflammations are the kind that you do not see, but you feel, and most likely ignore. Chronic inflammations might cause heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer. Eating a fast food breakfast high in fat and calories will increase the permanent inflammatory markers in your bloodstream, while, drinking a glass of orange juice, warm water mixed with local honey can block the inflammatory effect. The organic, balanced and anti-inflammatory diet, make critical changes in the immunity system, reduce aging process, improve sleep pattern and control weight.

Nourish your microbiome

The microorganism in our body is a natural part of us, and our genome evolves daily alongside our microscopic partners. The fiber from completely organic food nourishes and sustain our gut bacteria. The human gut surface area is about 3,000 square feet, and it nourishes only with Butyrate (short chain fatty acid) which is made from fiber by the intestine healthy bacteria. Feed your bacteria organic vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and nuts as a source of source of natural fiber and avoid the consumption of processed rice, wheat, and sugar.