Long Flight Connections; What to Do?

Traveling is an amazing experience. One of the not so amazing things about it is long layovers. What do you when you have a long flight connection?


Carry-ons are essential for a long flight connection. I have everything I need in that bag!  I have all the essentials from a toothbrush to personal items as if I was staying overnight at a friend’s house. Here is where planning and packing ahead come in handy. You know yourself so dress comfortably, I always have a change of clothes just in case. The key here is only to have a bag or two. If your layover is more than 4 hours, I will recommend getting out and visiting the city. Remember when you come back you must go through all the lines again. You need to have all your documents and proper identification at hand.I remember my journey back home from Egypt, after traveling for more than twenty-five hours I still had another six more to go. Bad luck for me because of the long line in customs I lost my flight. I thought I was going to be on time, but they told me I had to wait until the next one. Just a few hours more or to be exact in the next eight hours! I contemplated going out and visiting Atlanta for a few hours, but the truth was I was exhausted, and I had too many bags to go exploring! Pay attention when you pack and more importantly pack light. Depend on that carry-on for anything and just be sure you have everything you need.

Explore the terminals

Some major airports have exhibitions that they change from time to time. It could be something you can do. Charge your phone and sit down and watch a movie. One thing I do enjoy is walking, after long flights, I need to feel a little free. Walk to other terminals and just get lost in the airport. Some places have very nice set ups that are there to entertain travelers waiting to go somewhere. Be kind to people.Airports are great places to meet people. I am not saying talk with everyone but maybe meet someone new. There is also an opportunity to do something nice for someone. I would not recommend holding any bags for anyone but if you see someone who needs some assistance opening a door or dealing with a child. You could be that helping hand. Sometimes we miss opportunities because we are so focused on ourselves. A simple smile or a kind word goes a long way in a place where a lot of people are frustrated and tired. Be the light!

Treat Yourself

If you have the money for it, you can enjoy what I call airport luxury spots. Some airports have places for you to get a massage, pedicure, manicures and even do your hair! In some airports, you will also find sleeping rooms. This is usually located in the Lounges that Airlines have in the different terminals. In here you can find showers, buffet style meals, and many more things. Good news is that now Airlines are opening this to anyone who is interested. The only thing you need is to buy a day pass. An excellent option to consider if you can afford it.One thing I like to do is to update myself on things so when I get back home, I am not surprised. A long flight connection could be a time to write, read a book, talk with loved one or just catch up on your sleep. The important thing is that you find something that will not make you feel like you are just wasting time.