How to Live Frugal to Saving Money

How to Live Frugal to Saving Money

Fifty-six percent of Americans said that their family income is falling below their cost of living. Although you may be one, you should not complain all the time. It wastes the time in which you could have learned saving methods and employed them. Since you have not used that time, there are hence some areas in which to save.


Eat Less

On account of overeating, obesity has become common in America. Thus, obesity has, now, a hold of 78 million American adults and 13 million kids. With obesity comes high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and an increase in cancer risk. Still, included are more chances of sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, fatty liver disease, kidney disease, and pregnancy problems. Compounding on the physical stress obesity gives the body, yearly costs for obesity are $190 billion. So, to eat too much is not only stressful but costly, whereas eating less is the opposite. Studies have even found that intermittent fasting helps with weight loss, improves brain function and your immune system, clears acne, and more while being thrifty.

Eat Better

Not only should you eat less, but you should also eat better. This means eating fruits, vegetables, seafood, grass-fed lamb, lean beef, brown rice, oats, quinoa, green beans, black beans, lentils, dark chocolate, and other foods. Eating better reduces your doctor visits for malnutrition-related diseases like cystic fibrosis and chronic kidney failure. You can also go vegan.

Eat Out Less

In March 2015 restaurant sales passed grocery shopping sales. Although consistently eating out is now the status quo, eating out does not help you save. For the average American, eating out annually amounts to $2635. With this money, you could buy groceries for one year if you used it right. Most times the food purchased is sugary and causes obesity. Thus, it is also unhealthy. So, there is no benefit, save the ease it provides and time it saves, of eating out. Although there's ease in cooking if you follow instruction, cooking saves time when you cook large amounts at one time. You can then freeze the large amount only to warm it later before you eat again.


You can carpool, ride a bike, or walk to work if work is near your home. The last two provide significant health benefits and conserve the gas you would have used had you driven to work. And all three save the money with which you would've bought a car.

Buying & Selling


Credit cards only drain your money. They give you the false impression of wealth. Plus, the rates are very high for you to repay in a reasonable amount of time. So, how do they benefit you? They do not. Instead of credit cards, use debit cards and cash alone. Here you spend only the money you have and thus can budget better. And as you have trashed your credit card, trash your habit of impulse buying. It drags you into needless debt, not saving.


Everyone has a few useless items in their house or apartment. They should go, on Ebay, Amazon, or into a garage sale. Whichever way you do it, sell your useless items. You will remember their sentimental value as you watch your bank account inflate.Save, because saving can help you as it has helped others.

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