What It Is Like Being An Empath & An Introvert

One common thread within us all is that we are all human and desire to have self-fulfillment and love. When you are an empath, you not only hope to have this for yourself, but for everyone in the world. When others are happy, you are happy. And when they are sad, you can feel their pain. This can sometimes put us at a disadvantage as others can take us for granted.

Introverts Love Time to Themselves

When you are an introvert, you get more energy being alone. Although many people may associate it with being shy, and some introverts can be, it has nothing to do with that. Most likely, if you are an introvert, you can feel more content reflecting on life, having personal time, and sometimes basking in a quiet atmosphere.

Best Ways to Care for Yourself

Combine your caring personality with the need to recharge your batteries alone, and you're in a predicament. You seek to make the world a better place continuously as you are a caring individual; however, some people can become drained with this continuous endeavor. Therefore, it is important to rest and take breaks as needed. Balance is necessary between spending time around others and spending time alone. It is also important to spend time around positive people as they will be less inclined to take you energy reserves so quickly. Also, be sure to do enjoyable activities as this can give you more energy. While you are taking care of others, do not forget to take care of yourself as well.

The Gifts of Being An Empath & An Introvert

Being an empath and an introvert can be a gift. You often can people watch and notice things that others do not see. Just because you do not respond to what is happening does not mean that you are not paying attention. You must also choose who to help and who to share your caring nature with. Both of these qualities together can enable a person to be a kind, reflective, caring individual who can make the world a much better place to live.