Life & Career Of A Transgender Veteran

This is Marshall Morgan's story who once slept through a 50-year nightmare. The Persian Gulf Veteran woke up as Marsha Evelyn Rose Morgan. America couldn’t be prouder of her service to herself and us. When I reached out to Marsha Morgan, she was quick to tell her story as a Transgender. Within the hour I knew her whole story. It was so uplifting to hear such a unique perspective on someone’s life. She showed me her Navy photos, bus driving photos, and even choir photos. When I took a look at her website, I saw 50 years of a remarkable life’s journey. It’s almost unconvincing when you speak with Marsha. She’s full of early 20's ambition and exhilaration! Marsha is living a fulfilling life we all want.

Marsha’s Before Years

Marsha was young when she found out her destiny. As a young boy, Marsha helped her mother in her women’s clothing shop. The feminine lifestyle was appealing to the point of view that was unfamiliar. It was too comforting to dress in female clothing. She traveled and took random jobs while living on the edge of an unknown future. Little did she know her life hadn’t even started.

Marsha’s Navy Years


Marsha received two citations for outstanding performance of duty in 1993. She also received a Citation for finishing 1st out of a class of 126 in Submarine School. Marsha was serving on the USS Topeka during the Persian Gulf War. She was Marshall then. Marsha’s feminine side did not slow her down as a sonar technician. Keeping herself from coming out wasn’t exactly all that great for her. Even during her first marriage, Marsha kept as Marshall.

Marsha In Bloom

Marsha is a strong willed person as you would imagine. So you couldn’t keep her hidden for long. After so many years of service to her country, community, it was time to do right by herself. Marsha Evelyn Rose Morgan was born to the world as a beautiful 6-foot-woman.

Marsha’s Life


Marsha is now a bus driver who has received many awards for being an outstanding employee. The kids love her! But, life still is a fight for cupcakes and rainbows. In recent news and politics, the Trans community keeps fighting for their rights. Marsha is one activist who will never stand down as an American Veteran knows how not to do. This still doesn’t keep her down. Marsha’s new family is Trans Chorus of L.A. “This is my Chorus and my new family.” She says as she shows me a video of her choir practicing. They sing: “You have more friends than you know.” She sure does. One thing you will notice about Marsha is her tattoos. A big rose covers one side of her head, displayed proudly. She says it's a symbol of her life. “Me finally blossoming, and, my mother loved red roses.”The tattoo on her calf is about her transition. “Got the idea from seeing the holy Trinity...but in this case, male, female, and androgynous.”When I complimented her on her achievements, she replies: “I’m just trying to do what is right for me and my community.” Then I asked, is it safe to say your life is everything you ever wanted it to be?“And More.”“I have fallen in love.”