Letting Go Of Coachella FOMO

There are two weekends in April that stand out to most. It is the time where Instagram feeds are cluttered with the same pictures and entertainment media outlets report on nothing else. That’s right: Coachella Weekend. The hype around Coachella is just that, hype. It all starts with the lineup announcement. Whether it is great or kind of mediocre, those who purchase tickets will psych themselves up enough to rationalize spending a significant amount on tickets.Instead of looking at this bombardment of flower crown updates as helpful, those who do not go to Coachella have this impending sense of FOMO. There is this sick feeling that comes over those who are not in the Coachella crowd when they see all of the surprise guests not mentioned in the immaculate Coachella lineup show up on stage. After the weekend has wrapped, people who attend say it was the best weekend of their life and something they will never miss again. Coping with Coachella FOMO is not an easy feat, but hopefully, some of these points will help you rationalize missing one of the biggest pop culture weekends of the year.

The Funds

Coachella is not a cheap adventure. Tickets alone cost around $400, and if you want VIP, you can double that price. There are so many things to consider when pricing a Coachella weekend: food, drinks, lodging, gas, airfare, etc. Plus, you have to keep up with the crowd on the outfit front since that’s as important, if not more than seeing artists perform; Let’s throw in another $100. On the lower end of the scale, you can expect to pay about $250 on top of the $400 ticket. If you feel like a big spender and want your Coachella weekend to be extravagant and luxurious, plan on spending a couple thousand for a three-day trip. The point is if you are feeling a bit left out, at least you saved $700.

You’re Cool!

Literally. The typical Indio weather during a Coachella weekend can get as hot as 110 degrees. Surrounded by a bunch of sweaty, gross people moshing in the Sahara Tent, I guarantee it feels hotter. If you really wanted to experience the artists’ sets, you can find them on YouTube and watch them from the safety of your air-conditioned room.

The Two Ds

Dirt and Dust. Those trendy bandanas you see people taking artsy pictures in actually have another function. They protect people from inhaling the insane amount of dirt and dust throughout the days, especially during a dust storm. At least you can be a clean human and take a shower if you feel dusty! On that note, you most likely have access to a bathroom. At Coachella, plan on getting comfortable with the porta potty that’s 100 degrees inside. Enough said.

The Bands

I feel like a grandma when I read the Coachella lineup because I need a magnifying glass to read the names at the bottom. It’s not until the top four lines that I begin to recognize those playing the festival. There are a few outliers on the bottom I’ll recognize, but most the time people don’t care about the bottom dwellers anyway. If anything their crowd comes from the people who camp out for 11 hours to see a headliner, expending large amounts of energy to see bands they may not even like. Is paying $400 for this really worth it?

Less FOMO, More Life

Hopefully, recognizing these points has helped you cope with post-Coachella FOMO. As much as I hate to admit it, Coachella is a great festival. However, it definitely has some downsides and is not the most luxurious vacation for the average festival goer. That being said if your FOMO really is too much to handle, there are so many other festivals throughout the year that may ease your pain. Also, Coachella is an annual event. There’s always next year!