A Letter for the Mothers Who Feel Like They Fail

Dear Mothers,Do you ever feel like a failure at this parenting thing? You dream of a perfect life where you can take care of your children, play with them every single day, and never get mad or frustrated. Reality sets in, and you remember all the laundry, dishes, and floors needing to be cleaned. Plus bills. Add errands. Subtract hours for work, and you have the makings of the everyday mother.Mom, you’re not failing. You’re doing the best you can, with what you have, where you are. Your kids may be very young or teenagers, but as long as you’ve given them food, shelter, clothing, an education, and love, you’re doing it right! I’m sure there are times you have gotten angry and said things that you regret (and we regret our mistakes forever), but regardless of how you felt in those moments, you still loved your child deeply.

To the Working Moms

You may be the mother that has barely any time for your child, but you make sure your child is well taken care of, and you make your together time very special. Mom, you are not failing. You're doing an excellent job. Your child will understand that mom works to provide. Children are so understanding if you sit them down and explain important things to them. They will learn to cherish your special time together.

To Multi-kiddo Moms

Are you the mom that has a lot of children and you do your absolute best to provide for them as a professional, and then you get home, and a twister has destroyed your house? Are you the stay at home mom that chases after toddlers and terrible twos all day and night? Oh, girl, you have such a big task that if you can keep up with the diaper changes, doctor appointments, sporting and band events, and helping with homework you’d earn the title of Supermom. Seriously, if you get a load of essential laundry done a week, you are doing just fine. A big family has its blessings and then its practical issues.  A lot of it falls on mom’s shoulders, and mom still feels guilty for not being perfect. No, you’re not failing. You’re a heroine to each and every one of those children.Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mothers out there, whatever your situation. I applaud you for being the best mom you can be to your child or children.