Let's Talk About Death

The Cycle Of Life

The period of life: to be born, to live life, and to die. As we go about our day-to-day life, we are of the fortunate to live day-by-day, and we thank God for it. To be born is a blessing, to live life is a gift, but to die is a misfortune. Maybe life is not what is shaped out to be. Why live only to die? These are some of the many questions I ask myself. It is hard to talk about sometimes, death. More specifically, the concept of dying and where we end up afterward. Death is a scary thing, no doubt about it. It is even more frightening when there seems to be no answer to questioning death.

What Is Death?

Great question. If you were to Google search death, you might find a definition that defines death as a state of being killed or the process in which your soul leaves your body. What may not be answered is where the soul ends up when we die. Death is a nice entity in and of itself because there is no truthful answer we know of that would explain why we die. Sure, our mortality rate makes up for the birth rates throughout the world. It would not be fair to Earth for a population of seven billion people to exceed capacity. So, maybe death is necessary to maintain crowd control, who knows?

Handling Death

I sat down with my roommate months ago, and we talked about death. We discussed why it is no one we have spoken to ever spoke about death. We talked about how we handled deaths in the family, and everything based around the end. Death is such an important thing to understand, so much so, I asked my roommate why he never thinks about death. His only reply, “because it scares me,” in the calmest way.

Handling death differs it seems. What I mean by this is the fact that we all tend to occupy ourselves with things either to cope with death or to ignore it. For most of us, we seek refuge under the guidance of the Church; we use religion to justify death as a reward. Death is easily ignored with the luxuries we surround ourselves with; life is worth living so long as money is not an issue. Death is inevitable, but we find a way to make a living as easy and maybe as slow as possible, so we are not bothered by the end.

We never ask ourselves if death is of God’s will. For those of us that have found religion, are we sure that there is a heaven or hell? We utilize such things as a coping mechanism for death, but why not talk about it instead? Talking about death, maybe our thoughts on why death is a thing, but it may help us come to terms with the inevitable.

Accepting Fate

Death is such an exciting concept to wrap our minds around. No matter our way of coping with the inevitable, we should question mortality. The more we ask about mortality, the more likely we are to discuss such with one another. It is not a light subject to talk about, but it sure would help us understand why death is such an unfavored and undesirable entity. We may never know what the end will be. For now, let the beginning start here with a simple question which will lead to the discussion; and hopefully, we will find a resolution.

Dorian WilkersonComment