Learning When to Walk Away From a Toxic Relationship

Learning When to Walk Away From a Toxic Relationship

Relationships can be a wonderful thing when they are with the right person. They help us to enjoy the company of another and to grow more in love with our significant other. Relationships can help us to evolve into better people, and they can even enrich our lives. However, there are also times when relationships are not good for us. There are specific ways to know when it is time to walk away from a toxic relationship.

Being Tense & Unhappy

You are tense and unhappy most of the time. This is your body’s way of telling you that something is not right or you are uncomfortable with a situation. Usually, our bodies will go into a “fight or flight” mode when we become stressed about a possible threat. This can make it uneasy to think clearly and make us feel as though we are thinking in a fog. However, your body will always tell you when something is not right. Your heart might race, or your stomach or your head might hurt. Be sure to listen to your body.

Why Am I With Him/Her?

You cannot remember why you are in the relationship. When you are unable to explain why you are with someone, the chances are that you have given up on the relationship. Perhaps you are simply there because you are afraid to be alone or even simply afraid of the unknown. For the most confident of individuals, it can still be scary to face the world and start a new life. If you have planned a life with this person, this can be especially hard. However, you must listen to yourself if you are unable to name a definite reason for being with your partner.

Too Many Rainy Days

There are more bad days than good ones. Relationships should have joyful and happy moments. Although there can be trying times in any relationship, if you spend more time crying and stressed out than you do relaxing, being happy, and enjoying one another’s company, something is seriously wrong. A relationship should bring you up and make life better, not bring you down. If you spend more days crying in the bathroom instead of laughing or holding the arms of your beloved, there are too many bad days.

You Are Not the Same Person You Once Were

Your behavior and attitudes towards life are changing. If you were once a happy-go-lucky person who suddenly becomes sullen and withdrawn, the relationship is affecting you negatively. Perhaps you were very goal-driven but now do not feel the need to do as much. Although relationships should help you learn better balance, if you begin to experience a radical attitude change, this is a cause for concern.

Your Family & Friends Are Concerned

Your family and friends are growing concerned. Your family and friends love you and most likely want the best for you. Often they can see what we are unable to see in the middle of a relationship. They can see ways that we have changed, how the relationship is affecting us, or how a partner is treating us. We must learn to listen to them.

You Have Changed or Given Up Your Identity

You have changed your life and/or give up certain beliefs and principles that you once had. This can often occur in an abusive or controlling relationship. The other person will instill his or her beliefs upon us and even perhaps hint at and eventually demand that we change ourselves. If you have begun not even to recognize yourself anymore, who you are, or what you want, the chances are that it is time for you to move on from the relationship.

Realize When It’s Time to Leave

When a relationship is one that is right for you, you will feel much different than when the relationship is toxic. However, sometimes our need and desire for a relationship can lead us to settle for less. It does not matter whether we have been in the relationship for ten days or ten years. If it is not right for you, then it is time to leave. Begin to realize your worth, love yourself, and walk away from a relationship if any of the previously mentioned situations is happening to you.

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