Learning to Better Cope with Change and the Unexpected

There are times in our lives where we might have unexpected positive surprises such as having some extra money, learning or developing a new skill, or even enjoyable times with our friends and family. But what do you do when lately most of the unexpected surprises are not positive, but negative? What if we run short of money to pay our bills or a friend betrays us? What happens when a relationship ends, or we realize that we are in the wrong career? Often this can devastate our lives, but we must learn how to better cope with change and the unexpected.

Life Goes Through Transitions

Much to our dismay, our lives can consistently go up and down. One moment things seem to be going just right, and the next moment everything is going wrong. There will be days when we feel like we can conquer the world and other days when we want to hide under our covers. That’s how life is. What you are going through right now will prepare you for the next phase of your life.

Things Will Get Easier

No matter how bad it may seem, things will begin to get easier. Troubles will not last forever and eventually, this hard time will pass. We will learn to persevere and develop new skills. One of the qualities that God has been working on me with is patience. Well, I by no means am anywhere close to perfect in this area, I am proud to say that I am much better than I used to be. And because of my new perspectives and higher levels of patience which enable me not to get upset as easily, it makes life easier to deal with.

You Will Grow From Your Experiences

Hard times teach us to appreciate the good times even more. They help us to learn and to remember what is most important. When you have gone from having lots of money to having no money, you learn ways to save money. When you have encountered fake individuals and friends, you get to pay better attention to people and their intentions. And when you have been through many bad relationships, you begin to know yourself and what you desire from a good relationship.

You May Find Your Life Purpose

Experiences that occur within our lives happen for a reason, whether we believe that or not. Although we have free will to do as we desire, sometimes we are unsure of the path we want to go and can take the wrong one. You can come to discover more about yourself and even find your life purpose. It could happen through a change of career or even just realize more and more what brings you joy in life.

God Is In Control

Above all else, remember that God is always in control. Everything that happens, good or bad can be used for good if you allow it to. Even the tragedies that occur within our lives make it seem that much more precious. But when life appears to leave you without a road map to follow, remember that God knows your entire life story from beginning to end. Nothing that happens is a surprise to God. Bear in mind that He will help to direct your steps and your path. This can help you learn to better cope with change and the unexpected. You will forever be changed into a stronger, more resilient individual.