How to Know When You’ve Found the Right Person

During your search to find the right person, you may ask yourself whether or not you have found him or her. There are certain ways to know whether you have found the right person.

You Feel Very Calm & Relaxed

When you are around positive, uplifting people, you will begin to feel more calm and relaxed. You do not have to become tense or worry about saying or doing something that will offend or upset the other individual. When you are calm and relaxed, this is your body’s way of telling you that this person and his or her essence is safe for you. This is one of the first steps to finding the right person.

You Are Friends

The person that is right for you should be your friend. He or she should be your biggest cheerleader. You should be able to confide in this person and talk to him or her without worrying about judgment. You can talk about anything openly and honestly and even get advice. You should genuinely like this person and what he or she stands for. If you are good friends, then this is a positive sign.

You Enjoy Yourself

Whenever you spend time with the right person, time seems to pass by very quickly. Whatever you are doing, if you are with your beloved, then you are happy. He or she just seems to make life even better.

You Can Be Yourself

You do not have to change yourself for the right person. He or she likes you the way that you are and does not question your way of thinking or doing things. Even if you have never been able to be yourself before around others, when you have found the right person, you will be comfortable sharing your true self with him or her.

You Can Be Silly or Act Goofy

One of the biggest tell-tale signs is your ability to laugh at yourself with your significant other. Life does not always have to be taken so seriously. In fact, laughing and wasting time together can deepen your bond and even help to create some wonderful memories. So be sure to laugh it up!

You Can Imagine a Future With Him or Her

When you think about or talk to this person, you don't say if you are together, but when you are together, you will do different things together. You make plans together because you know that he or she will be there. Along with the vision, you may have for your life. You can imagine this person being in it.

This Person Fits in With Your Life

Along with this, the right person just seems to fit perfectly into your life like a key. This is not to say that there will never be small conflicts. But overall, you have the same perspectives on where you want your life to go. Perhaps you are both pursuing careers and also want children. Perhaps you want to move out West and build a Bed and Breakfast. Whatever it is that you desire, the right person also shares this same vision. You can imagine this person being there every day and enjoying your life as you are with him or her in it.

You Can Be Your Best Self

Relationships always bring about some change. But when you are with the right person, you want to do better. You want to become your best self. Your partner inspires you to reach for the stars and to go for your dreams. When someone is right for you, he or she is not intimidated by your need to create a life and live it. In fact, he or she plans to be right there beside you not only cheering you on but also leading his or her best life possible.

Life Just Feels Complete

Life was great before. You were beginning to reflect on life and beginning to grow and come into your own. You enjoy time with your family and friends as well as pursuing your passions. Having your significant other around just makes life that much better for you. Although you cannot say that something was missing before, life just feels even better with him or her in it. In fact, life now seems complete.

It Was Unexpected

Love comes when it is unexpected. When you do not go out looking for love and trying to make it happen, this is when love will find you. When you are busy living your life and enjoying it, love will begin to knock at your front door. The right person will simply make his or her way into your life and begin to flow with it. There will be no need for anxiety, stress, or worrying what will happen with the relationship. You are becoming the best possible version of yourself, and the right person is also doing the same. It just so happens that now you will be doing it together. Enjoy the journey!