What to Know About Startup Culture

Working for a startup is something many people would love. Startups represent independence and not being tied down to the corporate world. Many times when you apply to a startup, you don't even request a specific job. You apply to the company, and they decide where/if you'll fit.This alone is seen as a revolutionary idea. However, as great as startups sound, did you know 90 percent fail within the first five years. Here are three things to be aware of when applying to startups.

Is it Worth the Risk?

With only 10 percent of startups making it past the first five years, you need to evaluate where you want to be at that time. Is it worth risking employment for a short time? The payoff can be monumental. Amazon shipping was once a startup working out of a garage. The CEO is now the second richest person in the world.Taking the risk can pay off, and you'll have something to add to your resume. You have nothing to lose by applying and at least interviewing with a start-up.

Be Versatile

Startup culture is one that is always changing. Let's say the company you're with takes off. They may not have time to hire a new digital consultant. You may have to step in and fill the void until that job is filled.This is one of the defining characteristics of startups. Since they are younger, the need and wantonness to break away from their parents type of corporation, the culture is meant to make work easier, not a means to avoid it.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Every startup is trying to separate themselves from the pack. How can you do that with a mindset that isn't ready for change and think of new innovative ideas? Thinking outside the box brought us the iPhone, social media and any great invention that impacts your day to day life.Startups are great to work at, but knowing the culture will help you adjust and succeed more than anything else.