Kingdom Corner: Creating a Daily Spiritual Practice

There is one definitive way to get closer to the Lord: a daily spiritual practice. If you make it a priority to bring God into your life on a daily basis, you will strengthen your faith and draw closer to God. Make it a habit of inviting the Lord into your heart and your life will change dramatically.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:21 (NIV).


Your "treasure" is your daily spiritual practice. First, pick a book of the Bible and mark it. Then, each morning you get up read one Scripture out of it. Meditate upon what it means to your life and remember it for your day. Make it a firm habit to pray over your day. Ask the Lord to enlighten you to what the Scripture means for you. He will answer you in a peaceful, subtle way. Put your whole heart and soul into establishing your morning ritual. Pray for your day at work or home. Pray for your household and your family. Spending time with the Lord in the morning is a healthy, great way to start your day. Then, you can go about your day knowing that God is watching over you and yours.At night when you come home or get ready for bed is a special time for a spiritual practice. Find a spiritual book that guides you to become a stronger Christian, or continue in the book of the Bible that you started. Pray. Ask for forgiveness where you fell short during the day. Everyone falls short. However, our gracious Lord loves us enough to have sent His Son to cleanse the sins of all. If you treasure the Word and pray incessantly, your heart will blossom like a beautiful flower. Each night make a promise that you will seek the Lord in prayer and read the Word. Doing so will help your spiritual life become stronger. The Lord will hear you and bless your efforts.Don't make Sundays your only spiritual time. Enjoy your time with the Lord daily.