How to Be Kind But Not a Pushover

In this world, it is truly a gift to be a kind person. However, there are ways to show this gift without allowing others to walk all over you. It is important to know how to be kind but not a pushover.

Consider Others’ Feelings But Make Yours Known Too

As a kind person, often you may put others’ feelings before your own. You are concerned with what they are thinking and feeling. You want to ensure that everyone is comfortable and happy. However, you must also remember to consider your feelings. If you are not feeling well, try to take it easy. If you do not feel like going out, stay in.

If Others Hurt You, Say So Respectfully

Kind people often let things go a lot more than others might realize. Small things are acceptable to let go of; however, if someone really hurts you, you need to let them know. Otherwise, this could negatively affect your relationships with others and, more importantly, with yourself.

Be Kind to Others But Not at Your Own Expense or Inconvenience

You must always consider your own needs and feelings when it comes to helping others. If you have a busy day and someone needs your help, respectfully decline. There will be times when you simply cannot be everything to everyone.

Sometimes Consider Your Desires Without Worrying About Others

When you are a kind person, you will always consider how others may react to what you might do. This is when you must learn to consider your desires without worrying what others might think. This is not to say to be selfish and callous. What this means is that if you want to eat something specific for dinner, go and have it. If you want to take a nap mid-day, turn off your phone and do it; the world will be fine while you rest.Being a kind person can sometimes be a challenge. However, being kind to others means one must also be kind to himself or herself. This is the best way to exhibit the qualities of a kind person without being a pushover.