Kickstarting Your Healthy Lifestyle

I honestly believe the majority of us once in a lifetime or maybe a day says, "I need to get serious about my health." Living a healthy lifestyle is not easy. But, not living one, in the long run, can be expensive; continuous doctors visits, medication, etc. can add up. Why do so many of us take better care of their cars, phones, and homes, but not our bodies? Kickstarting your healthy lifestyle can be simple. But, are you ready to commit?Believe it or not, before you can get your body in the best shape you need to get your mind in the best shape before. It's easy to get in the car and drive to the gym or the grocery store to buy healthy food. But, it's also easy to drive to the nearest fast-food restaurant. It comes down to choice. Will you choose to wake-up in the morning and workout before work or go after work? Will you decide to fuel your body with food that will nourish it to get it through the hustle and bustle of your day? Here is how to kickstart your healthy lifestyle.


I know this is obvious, but it’s so important that you make the decision that you are no longer going to neglect your body and health and start treating it like the king or queen that is. Some days you’re not going to want to workout out or want to reach for something healthy. Someday you won’t, and that is okay, but getting to the "start" mindset every day is the difference between a fad and lifestyle. Every day you’re going to have to choose to start and the more you decide to start, the easier it will be to keep doing it.

Set a Goal & Educate Yourself

What are your goals? What do you need to do to get to that goal? Is it to lose weight, tone up, gain muscle, or something simple as getting moving. Knowing what your goals are and educating yourself can save you a lot of time and money. If you’re not overweight and not looking to tone up, but you have other internal health issues you may want to focus on what you’re eating and what you shouldn’t. If you are overweight and want to lose fat, then you need to find out what are the best workouts to do and what you should be eating and how much. The amazing thing about today is that you have several options to get that information: nutritionist, dietitian, personal trainer, or Google, books.


Being healthy doesn’t have to be expensive if you don’t make it. You can spend around $60 or less a week on groceries. You don’t have to get a personal trainer or join a fitness boutique studio either. After coming up with your fitness goals and how to achieve them look at your budget and see how much money you can spend. If you can't afford a gym membership, you can do workout videos at home, go for a run around your neighborhood, or go to a local high school to use their track and bleachers.If you’re going to hire a nutritionist or personal trainer, do you have enough in your budget to afford one? How long can you commit to using their services? Have you done some research online and read books from known trainers and nutritionist? These are questions you need to answer.I'm not a huge fan of personal trainers because sometimes they may give you a cookie-cutter plan that may or may not work. And, at times their goal is to keep you coming, so they will make you believe you need to use them until you meet your goal. This is not the norm for all personal trainers, but knowing when you’re equipped with everything you need to cross the finish line of your goal is important. Learn as much as you can in a given period with your trainer or nutritionist. Ask questions during your sessions. Learn what exercises to do so that once you're working out on your own, you can go on do those exercises yourself.If you don’t have the disposable income to use a trainer or nutritionist, there are many sites where you can learn what exercises to do and how to do them, and books you can read or buy at your local bookstore or online. 


Now that you’ve got more information on how to start working towards your goal do it. Whether you’re meeting with your trainer two to three times a week or following a food plan by a nutritionist, you need to remember to get in your "start" mindset and do the work necessary to reach your goal. It’s going grocery shopping on the weekend and meal prepping your meals so that you can stay on track with your meals. It’s going to the gym and working up a sweat; it’s deciding to start.


"I do not see results." "My workout buddy is losing more weight than me and doing less work." "I can’t afford to eat healthily." "I don’t have time." These are some of the concerns people have or use to quit or not start. It can be easy to say, stop making excuses and get up and do what you need to do, but sometimes a single mother of two can’t find time to workout out, or you only have $100 in your bank account and no job lined up. Sometimes life happens, and there is so much we can do, but remember, there is never anything you can’t do. If it’s money, find affordable healthy food (chicken, rice, broccoli) to fuel your body instead of hitting McDonald’s dollar menu. If it’s time, instead of eating lunch at your desk while catching up on a tv show do a quick 30 minute HIIT workout or go for a run. Maybe it’s waking up earlier or going to sleep later to fit in a workout. It comes down to time management, saying no to some things, and making right choices when it comes to food.What can you do to kickstart your wellness journey? For starters, you can join our wellness challenge in September. Let us know how you got in your "start" mindset and started living a healthy lifestyle below!