How to Job Hunt While You're Stuck At Your Current Job

When you're unsatisfied at your current job and want to search for another, make sure you are making the right decisions. One of the first things you have to do when job hunting is to stay positive. Even though job hunting can be very hard and stressful, it always helps to keep a positive attitude.

Current Job

It's critical to try not to let your current job find out you're job searching. It could create problems at work if they believe you are not satisfied with your job. If you have a lot of people, who are after your job it could endanger your current or even future job. It's best not to tell anyone in case you have to stay at your current position for longer than you expected. If you have a tough relationship with your boss, it could make things difficult when you decide to leave your current job.


The best sources to use for job searches are Indeed, Up work, Guru, and LinkedIn. These job search engines are extremely efficient and helpful when looking for employment. For the best possible results use these sites every day and research the companies that you're applying to. It's best not to use your current employer as a reference. Instead, list any previous jobs as a reference. According to Forbes the new generation is more fearless and learn from their mistake, and the new generation is also more daring because of the use of technology.


When scheduling interviews make sure, they are not during your work hours. Even though you may not be satisfied with your job, you still need to put your job first and stay productive. According to Forbes missing work hours can cause your boss to question your loyalty when you miss work hours. Forbes says it's best to schedule interviews in the morning before work, during lunch, or on personal days if possible.


Be careful not to share any information about job searching on social media. If anyone of your colleagues sees you posting things about finding a new job they may not like your lack of discretion. The last two most important things to remember is to not bad mouth your current employer. Even if you've had a bad experience, it's best not to talk negatively this demonstrates class. Lastly, when you do find a better job, leave your current employer with a good reputation. This will work out better for you if you ever need any references. The better the reputation, the better the job hunting will be.The job market is not always easy. If you are having a hard time finding a better position, slow down the job search. If you realize that you are employed at a great company, then don't change it. If there are better jobs out there for you, they will come to you.